Which Medical Startups are Transforming Healthcare in Calgary, Alberta, Canada?

Canada is home to a burgeoning startup ecosystem where innovation thrives and enterprises grow. A prominent sector within this ecosystem is the medical startup scene, particularly in Calgary, Alberta. These startups are making significant strides in healthcare, offering cutting-edge technologies, professional networks, diagnostic tools, and more. In this feature, we will delve into the exciting world of 15 interesting and innovative medical startups from Calgary.

These startups are disrupting the healthcare landscape, offering affordable and accessible solutions, transforming patient care, and triggering a revolution in healthcare technology. From biotech to healthcare delivery, these startups are reshaping our understanding and management of health and wellness. Now, let’s take a closer look at these game-changing enterprises and learn more about their inspiring missions, sectors, and founding members.


PurposeMed is committed to improving access to complex care for underserved communities. A health care, personal health, and pharmaceutical industry startup, PurposeMed was founded by Amaan Banwait, Husein Moloo, and Pete MacLeod.

Corus Orthodontists

Corus Orthodontists is an orthodontic partnership network that provides exceptional patient care and preserves patient-doctor relationships. The startup operates within the health care and heath diagnostics industry and was founded by Dr. Alan Ulsifer.

Wosler Corp.

Wosler is ardently working towards improving access to healthcare labour and aims to make healthcare delivery more efficient and cost-effective. Founders Henry Madubuobi, John Paolo Pana, and Marco Gallone pioneered this health care, health diagnostics, medical, and medical device startup.

Cherry Health

Cherry Health is Canada’s medical careers network. It empowers providers with connectivity and tools to solve systemic healthcare problems. Jordan Vollrath and Maximilian Kerz founded this health care, medical, mobile apps, and recruiting industry startup.

Qualisure Diagnostics

Qualisure Diagnostics develop diagnostic tests that identify each patients’ unique cancer properties to inform on how best to manage their disease. This biotechnology, health care, health diagnostics, life science, and medical industry startup was formed by Brandon Friedt, Cynthia Stretch, and Farshad Farshidfar.


Neuraura is transforming women’s metabolic and reproductive health with a wearable bioelectronic device designed for PCOS. Founders Claire Dixon, Colin Dalton, and Pierre Wijdenes are behind this medical device industry startup.

Alethea Medical

Alethea Medical aims to help Family Physicians get specialist advice in just 1 day instead of the typical 6-48 months, in order to treat patients better and faster. Devon Livingstone, Heiko Peters, and Steven Pilz are the founders behind this health care and medical device industry startup.


SerenityDTx is a B2B SaaS firm that is dedicated to developing and providing digital therapeutic solutions. The health care, medical, and therapeutics industry startup was founded by Paul McCrea.

NovusTX Devices

NovusTX Devices is an advanced ultrasound transducer manufacturer for medical and industrial applications. The health care, manufacturing, medical, and medical device startup was founded by Laura Curiel.


Ofbrains offers a tear profiling technology for clinical studies and trials. The health care, health diagnostics, life science, and medical device industry startup was formed by Alireza Bahramian, Amir Sanatinezhad, and Hossein Hejazi.


Freddie provides health care services for a community. This health care, medical, and wellness startup currently does not list its founders.

Nimble Science

Nimble Science offers medical devices for the health care and medical industry. This startup was co-founded by Gang Wang and Sabina Bruehlmann.

Northern RNA

Northern RNA is a contract development and manufacturing firm offering plasma DNA, bioprocessing, and stability testing services. Brad Stevens and Thomas Hansen are the founders of this biotechnology, manufacturing, and medical industry startup.

Neursantys, Inc.

Neursantys, Inc. provides innovative wearable devices that offer personalized diagnoses and treatments for balance disruptions caused by aging, injuries, or disease. The apps, biotechnology, health care, and medical industry startup was co-founded by Dr. John D. Ralston and Josh Roper.

My Normative

My Normative is the only consumer health tracking software that integrates and contextualizes female specific metrics. Founders Danika Kelly and Renee Kokts-Porietis are behind this beauty, health care, life science, medical device, software, and wellness industry startup.

In conclusion, Calgary is a hotbed for medical startups, with innovators tirelessly working to evolve the face of healthcare. Through their innovative ideas, these startups are making healthcare more accessible, efficient, and patient-centric.

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