Which Alberta-Based Education Startups Are Influencing Canadian Learning in 2023?

Today’s world moves quickly, and demands for a more flexible, innovative, and accessible approach to education continue to increase. Digital platforms, automation, and machine learning are already playing a significant role in how we learn. In Alberta, several startups are leading the way in creative digital education solutions. They offer a wide array of resources and services, from career planning tools to online therapy programs. This article will introduce you to fifteen educational startups in Alberta that are making a significant impact on both local and international scales.

Each startup in this list contributes to the field of education innovation in a unique way. Whether it’s challenging the status quo in career planning, redefining the field of medical training, or creating fun and immersive learning environments for children – Alberta has risen as a hub of educational innovation.

Let’s explore these startups, their industries, core offerings, and the brilliant minds behind them.

Buoyancy Works

Buoyancy Works is an education startup that combines the fields of career planning, education, mobile, personal health, and wellness. They provide career transition support through behavioral science and technology. Buoyancy Works is a brainchild of Jon MacConnell.

Hone Virtual Education Ltd

Hone Virtual Education Ltd revolves around improving user medical cue recognition using psychology and technology. It exists in the industry of augmented reality, education, training, and virtual reality. The company was founded by Alex Jackson.


Fledge is an online platform that gamifies mental health to provide children with a dynamic approach to mental wellbeing. Jenna Galloway is the name behind this innovative idea.


Hayrapet Hambardzumyan, the founder of Lrnkey.com, has introduced an online education portal that connects learners to coaches through live video sessions.

Saga Wisdom

Created by Darcy Fairbrother, David Anderson, and Dylan Lougheed, SAGA Wisdom provides master class online training for the energy industry.

Lenica Research Group

Simba Nyazika founded the Lenica Research Group which develops tools to assess, identify, and improve cognitive health impairments.


InUnison belongs to the health and safety software management industry providing cloud based solutions. Check their frontiers here.


Gene Lee and Pam Liyanage are the founders of Moneyprep. The company offers financial knowledge solutions for children.


PMDdojo fosters a diverse and inclusive learning community to help people grow throughout their careers in the product industry.


Musiculus offers software solutions in the Music Education and Education tech industry. Explore their offerings here.


NextStep believes in empowering youth through financial education. They provide an 8-week program to equip learners with important financial tools and skills. Visit their website here.

IEP Canada

Founded by Omid Titidezh, IEP Canada makes studying abroad for international students affordable. Visit IEP Canada and learn more.


Soteria120 uses advanced educational technology to improve performance & reduce costs by solving key problems in safety training.


LoopEducation provides top-quality higher education consulting for post-secondary students at an affordable rate. Explore their services at their website here.

Sound Alignment

Last on the list is Sound Alignment, a web portal that enables vibration based therapeutics studies to be a remotely function via mobile devices.

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