Who Are the Most Influential Montreal Software Startups in 2023?

The landscape of Montreal’s tech startup scene is nothing short of eclectic. These vibrant and progressive enterprises are pushing boundaries in every industry, using next-generation technology to innovate from within. In this feature, we’ll delve into the world of local software startups, sharing their stories, goals, and the vision that sets them apart in the rapidly expanding digital realm. Providing everything from automation tools to AI-powered medical technology, these companies put Montreal on the map as a global hub for technological progression.

Whether they’re streamlining the advertising ecosystem or helping users learn a new language, the city’s software startups are making waves both locally and abroad. The entrepreneurial spirit in Montreal continues to thrive, with these 15 startups demonstrating just how dynamic and exciting the tech sector here has become. With a diverse array of applications and platforms, the shared trait among these rising businesses is their genuine commitment to improvement and innovation. Let’s dive into the innovative wonders that Montreal startups have to offer.

Offering invaluable solutions to various sectors, from retail to real estate, these startups are redefining traditional boundaries and pushing limits to new, unforeseen edges. As we explore these startups, their diverse industries, innovative solutions, and dynamic founders, a picture emerges of a buoyant startup scene rich with technical prowess and ambition. Let’s get to know these companies contributing to Canada’s evolving tech narrative a little better.


Wrk, founded by David Li and Mohannad El-Barachi, simplifies automation, ensuring that it is within reach for every business. This exciting platform falls under various industries, such as Information Technology, Internet, Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, and Software, creating a vital tool for businesses of all sizes.


In the era of privacy, Optable provides a data collaboration and clean room solution for the advertising ecosystem. Founders Bosko Milekic, Vlad Stesin, and Yves Poiré have crafted a platform vital to those in the Advertising Platforms, Data Integration and Software industries.


Designstripe, created by Francois Arbour, James Daly and Lucas Janon, develops tools and content for creatives across the globe. This startup operates exclusively within the Software industry, focusing on the creation and improvement of design tools.

AIR (AI Redefined)

At AIR (AI Redefined), Alfredo Chaves, Dorian Kieken, and Fabrice Condominas are working hard to create an advanced synergy between people and AI. Being a part of the Artificial Intelligence, Computer and Software industries, AIR demonstrates how the right technology can shape the future.

Pathway Medical

Pathway Medical, co-founded by Christophe Marois, Jonathan Hershon Saint-Jean, and Louis Mullie, is committed to empowering clinicians and healthcare organizations to provide better, more efficient care. The startup combines Artificial Intelligence, Health Care, Information Technology, Medical and Software industries to render an exceptional service to healthcare professionals.


Founders JD Rocheteau and Jonathan Muschalle of QuoteMachine have crafted a cloud software that helps local retailers turn any in-store conversation into an online sale. Serving the E-Commerce, Retail Technology, SaaS, Sales Automation and Software industries, the startup finds innovative ways to blend physical and digital shopping experiences.


Mely.ai, developed by Edward Ko and Hoang Ngo, aims to accelerate supply chain digitization. The startup’s goal is to Automate Document Extraction and Data Entry with Artificial Intelligence, thereby serving many industries including Artificial Intelligence, Computer, Information Technology, Logistics, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Software, and Supply Chain Management.

Shaddari Therapeutics

Specializing in Artificial intelligence in healthcare, Shaddari Therapeutics, founded by Abbass Abbassi, leverages data to build decision support tools in the healthcare industry. The startup impressively combines the AwesomeRepairs Service industry with the Health Care, Information Technology and Software industries.


Founded by Alexandre Gervais, HAXIO empowers manufacturing companies with its AI-based vision software. Acquired by Vooban, the startup serves Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Industrial Automation, Internet of Things, SaaS, and Software industries.


Tooly, co-founded by Mathieu Gratton Leclaire and Olivier Brassard, specializes in digital transformation. As a part of the Computer and Software industries, Tooly helps businesses successfully navigate their digital shift.

Groupe Landerz

Serving the Commercial Real Estate, Property Development, Real Estate, Real Estate Investment, SaaS, and Software industries, Groupe Landerz, founded by Simon G. Boyer, accelerates land acquisition to streamline property development.


Ovrpass, co-founded by Mark Methot and Mat Diab, is a recruitment marketing chatbot platform that has proven beneficial for multi-location businesses with shift workers. It allows companies to collect better candidates for a superior ROI and serves the Human Resources, SaaS, and Software industries.


Ara Ghougassian, Gavin Dove, and Olga Sanchís founded Fluent, a chrome extension that helps users learn a new language while browsing the web. The startup conveniently serves the Browser Extensions, Consumer Software, E-Learning, Education, Internet, and Language Learning industries.

8x Labs

Developer of a multi-access edge computing software, 8x Labs aims to decrease traffic bandwidth for live streaming. The startup is active in the Digital Entertainment, Software and Telecommunications industries.

Smart Food Safe

Transforming the world of food safety is Smart Food Safe, developed by founder Prasant Prusty. The startup brings smart software solutions to the fore in the SaaS and Software industries.

These startups mark a seismic shift in how technology is being used to shape and improve various industries. Bursting with innovation, these Montreal-based startups showcase the Canadian city as a frontrunner not just in national, but global, tech development. They are pushing the boundaries, setting examples of how the harmonious union of technology and creativity can yield mind-blowing results in the world of software.

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