Who Are Shaping Calgary’s Art Scene Through Innovative Startups in 2023?

Calgary, Alberta, Canada has emerged as a dynamic hub showcasing technological innovation in various sectors, particularly within the field of art. Known for its affluent arts scene and vibrant startups, Calgary’s contribution to the global technology landscape is gathering momentum. Art startups herald a significant shift in the way technology is leveraged to redefine and depict the realm of art, incorporating cutting-edge features such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), and more. The following is an exploration into 15 intriguing art startups that are leaving an indelible mark on the contemporary art scene in Calgary through their innovative applications of technology.

Qube Technologies

Qube Technologies is a startup doing commendable work in the green tech domain. Using AI and IoT, they have created an innovative device aimed at detecting and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in oil and gas facilities. Qube Technologies owes its groundbreaking ideas to its founders Alex MacGregor.

Verge Ag

Verge Ag provides a unique amalgamation of agriculture and AI. Through the application of information technology services in farming, the company aims to bring exponential changes to the farming industry. The startup is backed by its founders Godard TP, Ryan Johnson, and Wilson Acton.

Mercator AI

Implementing AI and big data, Mercator AI provides real-time construction intelligence. The company helps businesses find and qualify new opportunities quickly. Its founders are Chloe Smith and Hogan Lee.


OraQ AI is a healthcare startup that uses AI-based clinical decision support systems to help improve patient wellness through holistic means. The genius minds behind the firm are Amreesh Khanna, Michael Parchewsky, and Wayne Madhlangobe.

Drishya AI Labs

Another exciting startup, Drishya AI Labs is paving the way for digital transformation through AI. The team, which includes Aman Brar, Amardeep Sibia, and Sravan Rekandar, is propelling the company’s initiatives.


Synauta is a cutting-edge water technology company harnessing the potential of AI. The startup, founded by Mike Dixon, is contributing to the CleanTech and energy industries.

Integrity Technology Solutions

Integrity Technology Solutions are bridging gaps in transactions through technology. Their work in the financial services and IT sectors is particularly noteworthy, thanks to the efforts of founder Cody Austin.

Danihel Group

Successfully merging the concepts of online media, AI, and fintech applications, Danihel Group is led by Peter Danihel.

AI Shading

AI Shading is integrating AI and IoT technologies to reduce the environmental footprint from homes and buildings. The startup is led by its founder Zack Zhang.

Intelius AI

Intelius AI is in the business of making confident, informed decisions to propel businesses forward through AI product development. Farnoush Farnia and Wayne Madhlangobe are the founders of this initiative.


Offering an AI platform for swift Machine Learning production, Braintoy was founded by Amit Varma.


In the Artifical Intelligence and Pet sectors, sylvester.ai is doing remarkable work under the leadership of Susan Groeneveld.

Skymount Medical

Offering an AI based drug discovery tool for researchers, Skymount Medical is a pioneer in the biotechnology sector.


Bluemarvel, an industrial operation software company, successfully integrates AI in the industrial sphere.


Jamh demonstrates its excellence in content research, data collection and communication services, with an emphasis on sustainability. Its innovative initiatives are steered by its founders Alec Lamb, Huda Abbas, and Jackson Cooper.

From implementing AI to boost farming practices to enhancing the healthcare sector through a data-driven approach, the breadth of innovation displayed by Calgary’s startups is truly remarkable. By leveraging advanced technologies, these companies are not only shaping the landscape of their respective industries, but also contributing meaningfully to Calgary’s burgeoning reputation as a hub of innovation. It is exciting to envision the future strides these startups will make in the art-tech landscape and beyond.

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