Which Alberta Enterprise Software Startups Are Changing Canada’s Business Landscape?

Alberta, Canada has been home to an array of startups that have been pushing the boundaries in the field of Enterprise Software. From providing technical expertise to build transformative AI applications to leveraging leading multi-platform technologies to deliver fast and affordable end-to-end IT solutions, the province has seen the rise of several noteworthy businesses.

This space covers a multitude of industries, including Artificial Intelligence, GovTech, Energy Management, and even Food and Beverage. Each startup, with its unique approach and innovative technologies, has been contributing significantly to the local and global market. Let’s delve into some of the most interesting ones.


AltaML is an Artificial Intelligence company that provides both technical and strategic expertise in building transformative applications using applied AI. They’re prominent for their work spanning multiple industries including Enterprise Software, Intelligent Systems, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Software. Founded by Cory Janssen and Nicole Janssen, AltaML is a stalwart in the Alberta business ecosystem.


Ontopical offers businesses a unique opportunity to capitalise on government contract opportunities. The early warning system helps businesses to be better placed in the market, making it an interesting venture in the Enterprise Software, GovTech, and Machine Learning industries. Ontopical was established by Christiaan Fulton and Derrick Koenig.


Arolytics is carving a niche for itself in the energy sector, providing software that specializes in emissions management and regulatory compliance. Co-founded by David Risk, Emmy Atherton, and Liz O’Connell, the company has been an outstanding contribution to the Energy, Enterprise Software, Information Technology, and Software industries.


imMail brings innovation in collaboration and communication solutions for enterprises with their chat and video offerings. It was founded by Leonardo Valença, Rafael Menezes and Rafael Menezes de Souza.


KnowHow is harnessing technology to help blue-collar companies save time and money, avoid errors and increase profitability. This tool was brought into the market by Leighton Healey and Travis Parker Martin.

Integrity Technology Solutions

Developing reliable technology for secure transactions, Integrity Technology Solutions was founded by Cody Austin.


Playing in the Enterprise Software, Food and Beverage, Food Delivery industries, Bessie offers a hyper-local farm-to-table brand that promises natural food with personalized care. Bessie was founded by Alexander Leakos, Shanika Abeysinghe and Spencer Kerber.

Axon4D Technologies

Specializing in fiberoptic sensor technology to businesses worldwide, Axon4D Technologies is a pioneering effort by Jared Fisk.


Cannabit is a unique cloud platform and service provider for cannabis infrastructure and technology. This enterprise is a venture by Jeremy Aasen and Matthew Ratzke.


Providing reliable and speedy end-to-end turnkey IT solutions, Launch57 has made its mark in the Alberta startup scene.


Budee is a well-crafted app that helps workers stay alert to risk all day long, potentially reducing accidents and saving lives. It was founded by Peter Jurisic.

ConnectUs Global

ConnectUs Global offers the dual frequency UWB solution, badges, tags and receivers that facilitate asset and personnel tracking.

Budvue Media Inc.

Budvue Media Inc. offers digital signage solution for the cannabis industry.

Bluejarvis Technologies

Bluejarvis Technologies aims to allow the industry to advantage of their informal communication and data by creating a series of innovative products.


99bits is a software company that is obsessed with creating beautiful, elegant, and powerful products tailored to your business.

In conclusion, Alberta is a vital hub in the Canadian startup scene with a diverse range of startups in the enterprise software sector. With their innovation and drive, these startups are charting new paths and making significant contributions to their respective industries.

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