Which Consumer Startups Are Revolutionising Calgary’s Market in 2023?

Canada, and more specifically the town of Calgary, Alberta, has become a hub for innovative startups, especially in the consumer goods and services sector. These young companies combine creativity, technological know-how, and entrepreneurial spirit to create products and solutions ranging from sustainable product analytics to home maintenance tools. Let’s take a closer look at 15 of the most interesting Consumer startups that are adding to Calgary’s vibrant startup scene.

Today, with a focus primarily on companies providing both digital and physical product solutions, we’ll shed some light on how these companies are transforming industries through analytics, big data, IoT, and AI. Innovative, driven and agile, these businesses showcase Calgary as an incubator for fresh ideas and big dreams.

We’ll begin with companies that are making a mark in the tech sector, but uphold sustainability at their core, then move on towards some exciting companies providing unique solutions in the home services and food industry, proving that Calgary’s startup scene is as diverse as it is pioneering.


Arbor bridges technology and sustainability. Co-founded by Abdullah Choudhry, Alex Todorovic, and Ben Grande, the startup uses proprietary data and a custom dashboard to measure, improve and showcase product sustainability for companies, acting in fields such as Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Consumer Research, Information Technology, Marketing, SaaS, and Software.

Vivid Theory

Vivid Theory is a unique product development firm co-founded by Brent Lane and Brett Jones, focusing on both physical and digital products. Ventures in Consumer Software, Information Technology, Software, and Software Engineering industries.

Home Spritz

Offering home and commercial cleaning services, Home Spritz operates in the Consumer, Home and Garden, Home Improvement, Home Services, and Marketplace industries.


Co-founded by Pratik Patel, Mundii is an online store offering a variety of farm-fresh foods with on-demand delivery services, contributing to the Consumer Goods, Delivery, E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, and Wholesale sectors.

FixIt Service Pros

Rob Bartko and Sam Beaudoin’s startup, FixIt Service Pros, presents a digital tool to simplify home maintenance, targeted at the Consumer and Home Improvement industry.


FÜM, the brainchild of Braeden Pauls, aims at Creating Positive Habits and Empowering More to Quit Naturally. The company serves the Beauty, Consumer Goods, Fitness, and Wellness industries.

AI Shading

Co-founded by Zack Zhang, AI Shading develops AI & IOT enabled technologies to reduce the environmental footprint from homes and buildings, operating in several areas, including Artificial Intelligence, CleanTech, Environmental Engineering, and Real Estate.


Socialveil led by Dario Joseph Verrelli and Jonathan Stiansen is a visual-centric SaaS platform efficient in managing & scheduling social media. Aims at providing smart design, efficiency, and education to the Advertising and Software industry.

Twigz Pretzels

Twigz Pretzels is a snack food manufacturer that produces and distributes flavored pretzels, targeting the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, Food Processing, and Manufacturing industries.

Bumble Chain

Bumble Chain provides a supply chain management tool focused on preventing fraud in the honey industry.

Ram Canyon

Co-founded by Evan Wildman, Ram Canyon provides innovative, durable soft goods for the next generation of adventurers, acting in the Consumer Goods and Sporting Goods businesses.


LenderFriender is an application that enables lending and borrowing of stuff from neighbors, friends, and social groups operating in the Consumer Applications, Consumer Goods, and Information Technology sectors.

XenoMorphix Industrial Design

XenoMorphix Industrial Design focuses on manufacturing and marketing a novel bicycle seat design targeting the Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, and Retail sectors.

HeatLab Enterprises

Developing clean energy technologies at an affordable cost in the line of HVAC/R products is the objective of HeatLab Enterprises. Founded by Eldad Rubin and Uri Hayun, the startup acts in the Consumer, Energy, Energy Efficiency, Industrial, Industrial Manufacturing, and Information Technology industries.


Co-founded by Micah Louison, Lo8op was established to reduce damage and better assist individuals impacted by natural disasters, targeting the Consumer, Homeless Shelter, and Outdoors sectors.

In conclusion, it’s exciting to see these innovative startups making a mark by using technology and creative thinking to address critical issues and serve communities. There is no doubt that Calgary, Alberta is a hotbed of startup activity and innovation.

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