Which Are British Columbia’s Most Influential Industrial Startups Today?

In last decade, British Columbia has emerged as a prominent hub for startups. This vibrant region in Canada is witnessing a surge of innovative startups in the industrial sector. From companies operating in artificial intelligence to those in renewable energy, British Columbia provides a fertile ecosystem for organizations trying to disrupt the industrial space with their unique solutions. Here we present some of the interesting industrial startups from this region.

The startups listed below are not just pushing the envelope by changing paradigms in their respective fields, they are also contributing significantly to the Canadian economy. With their ingenious solutions, they are attracting investors from around the globe to British Columbia, making it an attractive destination for venture capitalists. Let us take a closer look at these organizations.

Each startup is unique in its own right, offering a glimpse into the future of the industry they operate in. Furthermore, these organizations are led by experienced founders and industry veterans, bringing to the table a blend of expertise, passion, and vision.

Sanctuary Cognitive Systems Corporation

Sanctuary Cognitive Systems Corporation, co-founded by Geordie Rose, Olivia Norton, and Suzanne Gildert, aims at developing human-like intelligence in general-purpose robots. They are leveraging cutting edge technology in the fields of artificial intelligence, industrial automation, machine learning and robotics to achieve their objective. Find out more about Sanctuary Cognitive Systems Corporation here.

Xebra Brands

Xebra Brands is a global cannabis cultivation and product brand with extensive intellectual property. Founded by Rodrigo Gallardo and Todd Dalotto, the firm operates in the cannabis, industrial manufacturing and manufacturing industries. Learn more about Xebra Brands here.

aDolus Technology Inc.

Founded by Billy Rios, Eric Byres, and Jonathan Butts, aDolus Technology Inc. provides a cloud platform to safeguard critical infrastructure. It brokers information about industrial control systems (ICS) and Internet of Things (IoT) software and firmware. Get more information about aDolus Technology Inc. here.

P2 Gold

Co-founded by Joseph Ovsenek, P2 Gold is a precious metals exploration company responsible for exploring, financing, and developing mining projects. Find out more about P2 Gold here.

NeoGreen Hydrogen

NeoGreen Hydrogen is a large-scale green hydrogen developer focusing on emerging markets in the industrial, renewable energy, and sustainability sectors. More about NeoGreen Hydrogen here.

Electric Royalties

Focusing on acquiring royalty interests in advanced-stage mineral projects, Electric Royalties is an initiative of Brendan Yurik and Marchand Snyman. This company operates within electrical distribution, industrial mining, and project management sectors. Discover more about Electric Royalties here.

Arch Engineers

Arch Engineers, co-founded by Devlin Fenton and Nigel Bester, facilitates AI-based, distributed structural engineering, design and detailing services. Arhc Engineers information available here.

Pantheon Design

Pantheon Design offers industry-leading 3D printing systems that standout in terms of speed and build end use quality parts and reliability. More about Pantheon Design here.


Founded by Robert Murphy, Othersphere identifies profitable and sustainable locations for deploying zero or low greenhouse gas industrial technologies. Find out more about Othersphere here.

Inverted AI

Inverted AI, a spinout from UBC, aims to build proprietary software that predicts human driving behavior. Find out more about this innovative startup specializing in AI, autonomous vehicles, industrial automation, machine learning, and software domains here.


Ontraccr is a SaaS platform providing next-generation construction workflow automation capabilities. It was co-founded by Jas Nijjar, Shane McNamara, and Syed Ahmed. More about OnTraccr here.

Ladybug Robotics

Ladybug Robotics develops automation tools to enhance productivity of grape growers. The company, co-founded by Amirmasoud Ghasemi and Hani Eskandari, operates in the Agtech, AI, autonomous vehicles, industrial automation, and robotics sectors. Find out more about Ladybug Robotics here.


Technorely, co-founded by Dmitriy Malets and George Burlakov, labels itself as a reliable IT partner serving in Blockchain, Fintech, healthcare, industrial, mobile apps, software, and web development. Here is more about Technorely.

Mako Mining

Mako Mining operates as a publicly listed gold mining, development, and exploration company in the industrial, mineral, and mining sector. Find out more about Mako Mining here.

World Class Extractions

World-Class Extractions Inc. aims to be a global leader in industrial-grade cannabis extraction and innovative processing solutions within the Industrial and pharmaceutical sectors. Find more about World-Class Extractions Inc. here.

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