Which BC Travel Startups Are Revolutionizing Canadian Tourism in 2023?

The flourishing startup ecosystem of British Columbia, Canada, have given rise to some noteworthy travel-related startups that are redefining the industry. These innovative companies are addressing market gaps, offering unique experiences, and leveraging technological advancements, particularly within the spectrum of AI-driven applications, experiential travel, smart itineraries, and more. These startups have brought innovative solutions and enhancements to the travel industry, offering new ways to explore, plan, and experience travel.

Often generating traction via word-of-mouth recommendations, these travel startups stand out for their inventive concepts, functionality, and targeted appeal. They are sterling examples of how technology and innovation can notably improve the travel experience, both for holidaymakers and business travelers. From global event travel tech companies to companies providing customized adventure maps for skiers, there’s an app for seemingly everything in the travel world nowadays.

In this article, we present 15 of them, shining a spotlight on their offering, the industries they’re operating in, their founding teams, and links to their websites for you to discover their offerings in greater detail.



An independent studio committed to crafting thoughtfully designed, premium travel goods. Monos strives to offer their products at a transparent, customer-friendly price. The company was founded by Victor Tam.



Launchtrip is a global event travel tech company founded by Julian Ing. The company streamlines travel event planning and booking.

Yervana Services Inc


Yervana is a two-sided marketplace connecting locals and travelers in outdoor adventures, providing data for the tourism and hospitality industry. The startup was founded by Jim McGovern.



instaHop offers a reliable and convenient platform to help travelers get to the right experience in less than 30 minutes. The company was founded by Ali Basij and Golnaz Fakhari.



iplan.ai provides smart itineraries crafted with the help of artificial intelligence. The startup was founded by Nima Aksoy and Salman Taghiakbari.



Pilot is a social trip planner helping users discover, plan, book, and share trips with friends. The company was co-founded by Connor J. Wilson and Vaishnavi Sriram.



Founded by Ines Djelassi, AirBetter provides a range of travel and hospitality services, including vacation rentals.



ABOMIS is an IT solutions and services provider for airports and airlines, with its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada.



MiTravel is a travel planning and management software that consolidates all travel information on a personalized platform. The startup was co-founded by Anne Van Nga Duong and Annie Lo.

Travelsum Network Inc.


Travelsum is a platform where users can find a travel buddy matching their lifestyle and travel preferences.



Founded by Charles Kishi, ZaNiheza offers booking software and a marketplace for immersive experiences and activities.

REM Loyalty


REM Loyalty is a platform for loyalty rewards management built on the Stellar platform. The startup was co-founded by Jeremy Friesen and Zdravko Loborec.

Ullr Adventure Maps


Ullr Adventure Maps caters to skiers by providing custom maps with a focus on adventure through their apps.



Airble is an online marketplace that facilitates direct connections between passengers and private aviation experiences through mobile phones or the internet.

Stenner Virtual Concierge


Stenner Virtual Concierge is an IT company providing administrative support and concierge services to business professionals.

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