Which Quebec-Based Blockchain Startups Are Influencing Canada’s Tech Industry?

Blockchain, the digital ledger used for cryptocurrency transactions, is being used by a growing number of startups for a range of applications – from finance to gaming. In particular, Quebec has become a hotspot for these innovative businesses. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting Blockchain startups based out of Quebec, Canada.

Technological innovation and the evolution of business models have seen these startups leaping boundaries to offer a wide range of services. Be it to manage DeFi assets, develop web3 technology, or simplifying the business of NFTs, these organizations are pushing the frontiers of conventional norms.

At their core, all of these companies are using Blockchain technology in innovative ways to solve complex business problems. Their different applications of the technology are intriguing and merit attention. Below, we delve into the specifics of these startups.


Zapper is a fintech platform that allows users to manage all DeFi assets from a simple interface. It is considered a one-stop destination for investing, managing and tracking DeFi assets. Zapper was founded by Nodar Janashia, Seb Audet, Suhail Gangji and operates in the Blockchain, Financial Services, FinTech industry.


StreamingFast is working on building and investing in web3, paving the way for decentralized applications. StreamingFast, founded by Alexandre Bourget, Marc-Antoine Ross, Mathieu Boulianne, is part of the Blockchain, Internet, Software industry.

Rare Circles

RareCircles simplifies the business of NFTs enabling businesses to grow their communities better. This startup was founded by Yifeng Song, and it operates within the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency industry.

AlwaysGeeky Games

AlwaysGeeky Games is the driving force behind the NFT project called Voxies and a game called Voxies Tactics. Specializing in Blockchain, Gaming, and Online Games, the founders have remained anonymous.


Vezgo, a Crypto SAAS API, helps crypto companies onboard Web3 users more quickly and easily. Founders Eric Lemieux and Martin Leclair have created this single API for all crypto integrations, and it operates in various industries including Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Developer APIs, and Enterprise Software.


SENTR3 offers the next generation community management platform to power native Web3 experiences. This startup, founded by Chris Defour and Paul-Adrien Lamoureux, operates in the Blockchain, Communities, Social Network industry.


Eva is working to foster sustainable and cooperative mobility with a ride-share and delivery app. It is founded by Dardan Isufi and Raphaël Gaudreault, Eva operates in the Blockchain, Information Services, Information Technology industry.


Embr, with its web3-enabled projects, is igniting the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, FinTech industry. The startup was founded by Jason Dominique.


BENQI is a liquidity market operating on the Avalanche network. It serves the Blockchain, Finance, Financial Services industry.

Angel Softwares

Founded by Marc-Alexandre Curodeau, Angel Softwares operates as a Web3 SaaS in the Blockchain, E-Commerce, SaaS industry.


Estateably, founded by Alex Wulkan and Ari Brojde, is an estate settlement platform that aids professionals in expediting the settlement process while ensuring compliance. It operates in various industries, including Blockchain, Enterprise Software, and Information Technology.


DeFiSafety offers technical risk analysis, aiding organizations to manage technical risks effectively. It was founded by Rex Hygate and serves the Blockchain, Risk Management, Software, Technical Support industry.

Nebula AI

Nebula AI, with its decentralized AI computing, is a pioneer in the field of AI cloud. Founded by Charles Cao, it operates in various industries, including Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Information Technology, and Software.


Eva is the first ride-share and delivery platform built on blockchain, implementing a decentralized business model. It operates in various industries, including Apps, B2B, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Last Mile Transportation, Logistics, Ride Sharing, and Supply Chain Management.


bountyblok.io uses blockchain to power a gamification platform that helps businesses engage their users with challenges and tasks. It operates in the Blockchain, Gamification, SaaS, and Software industries.

In conclusion, these Quebec-based startups are pushing the envelope, exploring new ways to incorporate blockchain technology within various industry sectors. These companies provide a snapshot of the innovative potential and future of blockchain technology in Canada and beyond.

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