Who are Quebec’s Most Influential Digital Marketing Startups in 2023?

In the heart of Canada’s city of innovation, Quebec harbors a rapidly growing ecosystem of digital disruptors set to revolutionize the way we market and do business. Startups in Quebec are not just pushing the envelope in digital marketing, but stamping their mark in sectors ranging from E-Commerce to FinTech through innovative solutions. Let’s dive into the narratives of these thrilling ventures and explore why they are making waves in the digital marketing world.

The digital marketing startups featured in this article have been carefully selected based on innovation, business model, potential growth, and the visions of their remarkable founders. Thanks to their innovative platforms, they’re transforming the digital marketing industry as we know it. We decided to focus on Quebec-based startups for this piece mainly because of the city’s burgeoning startup culture and unprecedented growth in the tech industry.

Find more information about these fascinating startups in the paragraphs below. Prepare to be inspired by their stories, unique approaches to solving complex problems, and the leaps of creativity they have made in digital marketing and beyond. The solutions they’ve created are behind some of the most splendid digital marketing campaigns you’ve probably come across.


Nolk specializes in providing a data and analytics platform designed for E-commerce brands. Co-founded by Alexandre Renaud and Francois Arbour, the startup operates at the forefront of the Analytics, Brand Marketing, Consumer Goods, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, and Software industries. Nolk is reimagining how brands create, analyze, and execute effective E-commerce strategies.


Driven by the idea of ‘Monetizing Moments,’ Goloot stands in the crossroad between the Ad Network, Advertising, and Digital Marketing industries. Founded by Lucas Béland, the firm utilizes an innovative approach to help businesses maximize their digital advertising efforts.

B2B Quotes

B2B Quotes operates a managed marketplace where businesses can find the most relevant service providers to meet their needs. Experts in E-Commerce, the startup also offers services related to Digital Marketing, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Marketplace, Professional Services and Web Development. Alexandre Vanier and Mathieu Plante founded and currently lead the team at B2B Quotes.


Exitget is a conversion-focused platform that utilizes interaction-based automation to grab user attention at the perfect moment. Founded by Andrew Dear, the startup resides in the E-Commerce, Email Marketing, Internet, Marketing, Marketing Automation, SaaS, Software, and Digital Marketing industries.


In the yet unexplored niche of GameFi, GGEZ1 is making headways with its deals marketplace and GGEZ Rewards, an asset-backed cryptocurrency rewards token. Led by Mutaz Majdoub, the startup operates in the Cryptocurrency, Digital Marketing, FinTech, Gaming, and Marketplace sectors.

Momentumm Digital

Momentumm Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency dedicated to helping businesses enhance their reach and attract more customers. Known for their expertise in Digital Marketing, Advertising, Animation, Internet, Marketing, SEO, Video, and Web Design, the team at Momentumm is transforming enterprises with remarkable digital strategies.

Casa Media

With focus on maximizing brand evolution, Casa Media is revolutionizing traditional advertising. The startup founded by Dorian Reeves excels in offering limitless Advertising, Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing strategies.

Agence Middle

Agence Middle is an advertising company known for its expertise in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Marketing Strategy Services.


Perimeter offers a range of services including digital marketing, business model development, and product strategy services.

Light Studio

Light Studio, a web agency based in Montreal, excels in Web Design, Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Founded by Paul Arienzale, the firm also offers services in the Brand Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Design and Web Development fields.


EvolveDash is a digital marketing agency providing content marketing, web app development, branding, and social media marketing services. The startup was founded by Khunshan Ahmad and operates in the Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, SEO, Software and Web Development sectors.


Narative is a boutique marketing agency offering branding, design and digital marketing services. They are innovative leaders in the fields of Advertising, Brand Marketing, Digital Marketing and Web Design.

Alpha Premium

Alpha Premium provides revenue management, digital demand generation and training services. They are dedicated to providing a premium experience in the Digital Marketing and Training Industry.


Highlow is an inventive advertising company that provides marketing s
upport, research and strategies for startup development. Highlow is known for its expertise in the Advertising, Advice, Digital Marketing and Marketing sectors.

SEO Troop

SEO Troop is an up-and-coming digital marketing agency that provides SEO, link building, lead gen and PPC management services. They are changing the way we see Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Sales and SEO.

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