Which Quebec Wellness Startups are Leading the Health Revolution in Canada?

Quebec, the heart of French Canada, boasts its own unique startup scene. Not only is it teeming with creative energy and innovative ideas, but its focus on the wellness arena makes it a preferred destination for anyone wishing to start their wellness journey. Showcasing a rich blend of holistic therapies, digital health, and a personalized approach to wellbeing, these 15 Quebec-based startups are reimagining wellness in their own inventive ways.

From clean vaporization technology to artificial intelligence, these startups bend towards making health and wellness a central priority. They are redefining healthcare delivery, wellness, and revolutionizing how we approach wellness. Let’s take a closer look at these innovative startups that are making a significant impact in the wellness industry.

These startups offer a wide array of products and services spread across diverse industries, but they share a common goal; to improve the health and wellness of individuals and communities. If you’re looking for the next big thing in health, wellbeing, and personalized care, these startups are worth watching.


Founded by Mladen Barbaric, Airgraft is firmly rooted in the cannabis and consumer electronics industries. This startup is dedicated to providing clean vaporization technology, redefining the vaporization experience by offering a cleaner and more satisfying experience without any hidden additives.


Co-founders Alexandre Chagnon, and Michael Cardinal have created a unique platform to support healthcare organizations. TherAppX provides an ecosystem that simplifies the access to curated health software services for patients, demonstrating their keen awareness of the shift towards digital healthcare.


At the intersection of Internet, Software, and Wellness, Jennifer Kriuidbos, and Justine Romanoff founded Blawesome, a platform that empowers Wellness Creators to create Web 3 communities harnessing the potential of non-fungible tokens (NFT). It is an exciting blend of technology and wellness, promising a new way to approach wellness community building.


The merit of healthybud lies in its commitment to pets. Adrien Malka, Dana Ben David, and Kyle Feigenbaum, the founders of healthybud, aim to help pets thrive using potent healing foods. Their primary focus is on providing top-quality wellness products for these treasured family members.

Factually health

Factually Health, co-founded by Lina Forcier, is effectively using AI to separate health facts from fiction. The startup works in the intersection of artificial intelligence, fitness, healthcare, and wellness to deliver reliable medical information.


Phyla co-founders Luca Cuccia, and Ryszard Kubinski work in the healthcare and wellness industries providing peace of mind through digital health and at-home gut-health testing.

Ora Médical

Ora Médical is committed to improving the wellness of individuals with reduced mobility. Their primary objective is to increase access to rehabilitative programs, thereby enhancing individual fitness.

Omy Laboratoires

Positioning itself in the beauty sector, Omy Laboratoires develops and manufactures personalized cosmetic skin-care products using an AI-based skin analysis system.

Sentient Immersive

Founded by Isabelle Rioux, Sentient Immersive integrates wellness technology and cinematic XR to enhance overall well-being. This startup offers a fresh perspective on how technology can be harnessed for wellness.

Rsquare Ventures

Roberto Ramos Casas, the founder of Rsquare Ventures, positions this family office in industries as diverse as cloud computing, media and entertainment and wellness.


Sami Soltan’s Airix is a technological solution designed to improve healthcare delivery for patients. It focuses on apps, pharmaceutical, and health care.


MicroPredictome, co-founded by Luca Cuccia and Ryszard Kubinski, stands at the forefront of artificial intelligence, health care, and wellness industries. This startup extends the utility of the microbiome and AI to provide medical tests.


OutOfTheBox startup Medfuture has a succinct mission – to improve its clients’ longevity through prevention in the fields like emergency medicine and pharmaceutical.


Inpowr is an IT firm offering a self-coaching mobile app to facilitate the improvement of physical, mental, and social well-being.


To wrap up, the non-advocacy organization WCPSH has a clear focus on providing support for sustainable health development.

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