Which Canadian Creative Agency Startups Are Shaping the Industry in 2023?

Canada is not just known for its exquisite landscapes but also for its thriving startup ecosystem. Especially in the domain of creative agencies, Canadian startups are making a global impact with their innovative ideas and disruptive technology. These startups are rewriting the rules of the game, bringing a blend of creativity and technology to businesses and consumers alike. Here is a compilation of fifteen interesting creative agency startups hailing from the Great White North.

Each agency brings a unique perspective and approach to creativity and business, carving out a niche for themselves in the competitive market. From leveraging social media and digital entertainment, crafting visual identities and content, to promoting diversity and offering media services, they are offering a wide array of services. Let’s dive deep into the details of these creative startups and explore the impressive work they are doing.

In the list that follows, we’ll detail each startup’s business description, the industry they operate in, their founders, and link you directly to their online platforms. These startups are examples of how Canadian creativity can blaze new trails and contribute to business success.

High 12 Brands

Founded by Corey Way and Michael Garbuz, High 12 Brands creates identifiers for the larger community it resides in and is engaged in Consumer Research, Creative Agencies, and Product Search to achieve their objectives.

Believeco Partners

Believeco Partners is a creative agency that stands out as a builder, owner, and operator of the leading marketing, communications, and engagement agencies.

My People Know

My People Know, an active startup in numerous industries including Advertising, Content Creators, Creative Agency, Digital Entertainment, DRM, Marketing, Media and Entertainment, Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing, comprises creators who run the Internet.


Founded by Varun Sharma, Spark&Spur offers services such as brand identity, content marketing, web design and development, email marketing, and competitive analysis in various industries including Advertising, Brand Marketing, Creative Agency, SEO, UX Design, Web Design.


TMRRW, founded by Liwordson Vijayabalan, is a branding agency that assists companies in crafting visual identities and content. Their operations are spread across industries like Advertising, Brand Marketing, Creative Agency, Social Media, Web Development.

Sixzero Design

Sixzero Design is a UX/UI design studio that focuses on using user research and data effectively to design software that creates a measurable impact. Their services cater to various industries including Android, Apps, Consulting, Creative Agency, Desktop Apps, iOS, Mobile Apps, Product Design, Professional Services, Software.


C-Tribe Society, founded by Sahr Saffa, is a media company that celebrates diversity and encourages innovative and creative individuals to voice their ideas. They operate in the Communities, Creative Agency, and Internet industries.


CoPilot is a creative agency that specializes in providing services like filmmaking, virtual production, and visual storytelling. They work exclusively in the Creative Agency, Film Production, and Video industries.

Root Creative

Root Creative, founded by Jessica Brown, offers a range of services including content creation, trade marketing, brand strategy, consulting, and event management services. They are actively involved in the Advertising, Brand Marketing, Creative Agency, Events, Trade Shows industry. Check out their work here.

Taylor Reid Creative Agency

Taylor Reid Creative Agency applies the run-and-gun style of documentary filmmaking to advertising and has established itself in the Advertising, Creative Agency industry.

OBA Creative

OBA Creative, the brainchild of Uros Obradovic, is a creative agency that offers branding, graphic design, web development, and SEO services. They function in industries such as Advertising, Brand Marketing, Creative Agency, Graphic Design, SEO. Learn more about them here.

Ryse Creative Consultancy

Bringing an innovative approach to the table, Ryse is a consultancy designed to uplift brands in the contemporary advertisement environment. They operate across the Advertising, B2B, Consulting, Creative Agency industries.

Happy Hippo Holdings

Happy Hippo Holdings, founded by Evan Price, is a creative consulting firm that strategizes with businesses and individuals across the globe. They engage in the Creative Agency, Management Consulting, and Property Management industries. Visit them here.

Weech Photography – Edmonton Intimate Portraiture

Weech Photography is an exclusive boutique portrait photographer that specializes in intimate boudoir portraiture. They are an integral part of the Art, Creative Agency, Photo Editing, Photo Sharing, Photography industry.

Social Web Media

Social Web Media is a full-service creative design agency that lends its expertise to the Consulting, Creative Agency, Digital Marketing, Personal Branding, SEO, Social Media, Web Design industries. You can explore them here.

In summary, with these innovative startups leading the charge, the creative industry sector in Canada is poised for impressive growth. These startups represent a vibrant and dynamic aspect of the Canadian business landscape, showcasing the entrepreneurial spirit ingrained in the country’s DNA. Watch this space for more updates on Canada’s booming startup ecosystem.

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