Revolutionising Canada’s Energy Sector: Who Leads in Innovative Management Startups?

Energy management startups have been making notable strides and have significantly impacted the way the world uses and conserves energy. With a focus on sustainability, these startups are committed to the development of innovative solutions that could potentially transform the energy sector. Among the pioneers in this crucial field are a number of Canadian startups that have not only been making waves at home but also on the global stage.

This article introduces fifteen Canadian startups that are revolutionizing energy management. Spanning diverse industries like energy, renewable energy, electric vehicles, oil and gas, and more, these startups demonstrate exciting developments in technology, sustainability, and innovation. Through their remarkable work, these startups provide a glimpse into a future where energy consumption is efficient, sustainable, and eco-friendly.

Below, we highlight and detail each of these fifteen Canadian startups, uncovering their unique contributions to energy management, and celebrating their inspiring achievements in their respective fields. Strap in for an exciting exploration of Canada’s energy management innovation landscape!


Audette is a B2B SaaS company that focuses on carbon-free planning in corporate real estate. The company assists in energy management and efficiency across various commercial real estate properties. Audette’s solutions were developed by its founders, including Christopher Naismith, who is passionately committed to delivering energy-efficient solutions for businesses.


One of the innovative startups transforming transportation electrification is Elocity. Founded by Sanjeev Singh, this cleantech company helps electric utilities, cities, and businesses manage and thrive in the era of electric transportation.


Daanaa is a cutting-edge technology company that provides power transactions medium and modality free. Founded by Javad Shariatzadeh and Soroush Dehghani, Daanaa has significantly impacted the energy management industry, especially in battery, clean energy, and renewable energy sectors.

MCF Energy

MCF Energy focuses on oil and gas properties, with a keen interest in the identification, exploration, and development of these energy sources. The firm is dedicated to transforming energy management in the oil and gas industry.

Innova Hydrogen

Innova Hydrogen is a breakthrough renewable energy company led by founder Kamelia Giles. The firm develops innovative hydrogen-producing technology, significantly contributing to sustainable energy management.

GreyJay Energy

Building efficiency is at the heart of the solutions developed by GreyJay Energy. Founded by Kam Shergill, this energy service tech company aids organizations with tools and software to optimize their building’s energy efficiency.

Kanin Energy

Kanin Energy specializes in harnessing waste heat to power and decarbonize heavy industry processes. The company, founded by Daniel Fipke, Jake Bainbridge, and Janice Tran, has been working diligently to reduce industrial climate footprints.


Hydrolux is a pioneering green hydrogen production and distribution company established by Friedrich Dehem-Lemelin, Julien Brunet, and Nicolas Dion. By harnessing renewable energy, they provide innovative energy storage solutions.

Circadian Energy

Circadian Energy, founded by John Curticapean and Tony Qu, is known for its work in providing long-term, affordable energy infrastructure for underserved communities. This is vital in managing and distributing energy resources more effectively.


Piaro, led by Antony Marik, is a product design and development firm that specializes in IoT and connected products for residential and commercial use, focusing on energy management and smart home technologies.

Legacy Heating & Cooling

Legacy Heating & Cooling is a prominent provider of ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation) solutions, which aims to improve the energy efficiency within buildings, thereby promoting better energy management.

Imperial Helium

Imperial Helium is focused on securing and managing helium supplies to meet growing global demand for this irreplaceable resource, influencing the energy management field substantially.


Specializing in lowering greenhouse gas emissions, Enerva, under Guru Kalyanraman’s leadership, provides energy efficiency programs and management services that help businesses and organizations minimize their carbon footprints.

Lincoin Technologies Inc.

Founded by Medi Naseri and Mostafa Shariat, Lincoin Technologies Inc. is engaged in energy markets and bitcoin mining. This combination of finance and energy has created exciting avenues for growth and innovation.


Rogue7 offers a unique machine learning application for the oil and gas industry, leveraging artificial intelligence to drive improved energy management and efficiency in this critical sector.

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