Which Canadian Grocery Startups are Revolutionizing the Food Industry Today?

For this edition of CanadaVenture.news, we delve into the diverse and innovative world of Canadian grocery startups. These companies are transforming how we think about and engage with our food supply, delivering personalised, convenient and sustainable options to Canadian consumers. In this roundup, from rapid delivery services to eco-conscious virtual marketplaces, we take a closer look at these movers and shakers in the nation’s grocery scene.

The global pandemic has seen a surge in demand for contactless years and efficient grocery delivery services. These Canadian startups have risen to the challenge, finding innovative ways to get basic supplies and food products safely to Canadians across the country. They’ve dreamed big, not just filling a niche, but reshaping the entire eCommerce landscape.

These startups run the gamut from app development through to online retail with a clear emphasis on developing platforms that cater to consumer needs while staying true to their unique business values. These 15 startups each bring unique perspectives to the grocery space, and are striving to carve out a name for themselves in the competitive start-up landscape.


Tiggy is a grocery delivery service working to revolutionise how we purchase everyday essentials. Established by Eugene Bisovka, Oskar Hartmann, and Razmik Sukyasov, Tiggy offers 15 minute delivery, currently operating in Vancouver.

Food-X Technologies

Food-X Technologies, co-founded by Peter van Stolk, is a SaaS startup in the grocery space poised to streamline the industry.

Kiwi Grocery

Kiwi Grocery, founded by Brett LaRose, Julius Trojillo, and Rivan Mota, is an e-commerce application that delivers food products and other supplies directly to consumers.


Reefreshed, started by Ricky Gill, is an online platform providing Goods & Services 24/7 with delivery within minutes.


Co-founded by Ghassan Khalil and Hugo Prince, Grolift is an e-commerce, mobile app, fleet management and grocery delivery startup.

Desi Indian Hypermarket

Desi Indian Hypermarket, founded by Rioj Thomas, offers Indian, Sri Lankan, and Pakistani products with options for delivery.

Pumpkin Kart

Philip Correya and Visal Varghese’s Pumpkin Kart is an on-demand ethnic food and grocery delivery service app.

NIKU Farms

NIKU Farms, co-founded by Jake Goldberg and Luke Armstrong, is an online marketplace linking consumers to local farms for meat product delivery.


TopSavings, established by Adam Prentice, is a mobile app that compares grocery prices from local and online stores.


Savoz, founded by Yasear Saad, is an ecommerce retailer offering groceries and household essentials at wholesale prices.


BocoBoco is an online retail grocery store aiming to offer zero waste and ecological delivery services.

Wanda Technologies

Wanda Technologies is a virtual grocery store that brings groceries directly to residents’ fridges.

Victoria Supermarket

Victoria Supermarket sells a range of products from frozen vegetables and spices to halal meat and medical supplies.


Dropa is an eCommerce solution and delivery service specifically tailored to ethnic grocery stores.

Good Good Goodies

Founded by Robert Chow, Good Good Goodies is an online supermarket focused on lowering prices for Canadian consumers.

As the grocery industry continues to evolve and adapt to changing consumer trends and global challenges, we look forward to seeing how these Canadian startups transform and elevate the space further.

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