Which Canadian Impact Investing Startups Are Revolutionizing the Industry in 2023?

Impact investing is a growing trend in Canada where investors are not just focused on returns, but are also considering how their invested capital impacts society and the environment. Studies show that 85% of millennials are interested in social impact investing. With a market size of over $15 trillion and growing, Canada presents a plethora of opportunities for impact investing in sectors such as environmental sustainability, social entrepreneurship, health, and education. Several startups are at the forefront of this emerging market, providing investors with attractive opportunities to earn competitive returns while making a positive impact. Here, we showcase 15 interesting impact investing startups in Canada.

Carbon Streaming

Founded by Maurie Swan, Carbon Streaming is an ESG principled investment vehicle that offers investors exposure to carbon credits. Operating in the GreenTech, Impact Investing, and Sustainability industries, the firm provides a unique opportunity for investors to contribute towards environmental sustainability.


Brendan Lee Young and Brendan Wood founded Passiv, a platform offering wealth automation for self-directed investors. With one dashboard, investors can manage all investments and leave the tedious tasks to Passiv. The firm operates across Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, FinTech, Impact Investing, Personal Finance, Software, and Wealth Management.


Joseph Buaron and Marc-Antoine Caya founded goPeer, Canada’s first consumer P2P lending platform dedicated to helping Canadians to lend and borrow from each other. The firm operates in Consumer Lending, Financial Services, FinTech, Impact Investing, Lending, and Peer to Peer industries.

Energy Spas / Global Hub Asset

Operating in Asset Management and Impact Investing, Energy Spas and Global Hub Asset are investigative cases. They have been flagged as pyramid scams.

Brickhouse Ventures

Evan Kubes, Matt Hoffar, and Spencer Smyl developed Brickhouse Ventures, a technology venture that invests in early-stage sports, e-sports, and entertainment companies. They operate within eSports, Impact Investing, and Sports industries.


Cyrus Symoom and Jake Dancyger cofounded Explora, an entrepreneurial investment firm that manages and grows small to medium-sized businesses for the long-term. The firm works across Finance, Financial Services, and Impact Investing.


Nabil Irfan founded MetaFinance, a digital peer-to-peer platform for private investment opportunities across Finance, Financial Services, Impact Investing, Information Technology, Real Estate, and Venture Capital industries.

Raven Indigenous Capital Partners

Raven Indigenous Capital Partners is an Indigenous-led and owned intermediary firm specializing in Enterprise, Financial Services, and Impact Investing.

VK Investments

VK Investments is a Consulting, Financial Services, and Impact Investing private equity fund management company.


Founded by Jennifer Schell, Finliti aids retail investors in developing effective trading and investment strategies customized to their risk profile. They operate in EdTech, Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, Impact Investing, Sharing Economy, and Wealth Management industries.

Ahava Holdings & Ventures

Focusing on building great technology and media companies, Ahava Holdings & Ventures founded by Janét Aizenstros, operates across several industries including Big Data, Consumer Research, Data Center, Impact Investing, Information Technology, Media and Entertainment, Real Estate, Real Estate Investment, Venture Capital, and Wealth Management.

Shire Capital Management

Daren Taylor-established Shire Capital Management is an investment management company specializing in Financial Services, Impact Investing, and Wealth Management.

Crescendo Royalty

Crescendo invests in music royalties for digital streaming. They operate within Angel Investment, Financial Services, Impact Investing, Music, and Music Streaming industries.

Danilee Capital

Lindsay Wilson founded Danilee Capital, a private equity investment firm offering long term investments and crowdfunding for companies operating in Impact Investing, Venture Capital, and Wealth Management industries.

Amuka Capital

Amuka Capital was established by Aaron Meckler and Ben Feferman, offering banking and merchant banking services. They operate across Advice, Banking, Consulting, Financial Services, and Impact Investing.

These Canadian startups have proven that enterprises can both be profitable and positively impactful. From green tech and finance to social and Indigenous entrepreneurship, they provide a diverse set of opportunities for impact investors looking to make a difference in the world.

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