Which BC Construction Startups are Transforming Canada’s Building Landscape?

Construction startups in British Columbia, Canada are making their mark on the industry by offering innovative solutions to pressing problems. Developments in technology coupled with a shift towards sustainability have seen these startups create new ways of constructing and maintaining infrastructure. From using artificial intelligence in the building process to creating eco-friendly materials for construction, these start-ups are redefining the construction industry. In this article, we take a closer look at 15 of the most exciting construction startups in British Columbia.


Nexii, founded by Ben Dombowsky, Michael Dombowsky, and Stephen Sidwell, provides an innovative building solution that enables the rapid construction of sustainable and resilient buildings. Their commitment to sustainability and innovation has put them at the forefront of British Columbia’s building material, construction, project management, and sustainability industry.


Spexi operates within the spheres of construction, drones, geospatial technologies, and real estate. Their revolutionary two-sided platform, web app, mobile app, and blockchain technology have set a new standard in the industry.

Luminex Resources

Gold and copper project-focused Luminex Resources combines construction with mining and precious metals. This innovative approach brings together different industries for a common purpose.


In the world of artificial intelligence, construction, and robotics, Autonopia leads the way. Founders Hossein Kamali and Mohammad Dabiri have successfully implemented robotics in construction and property services, helping to streamline processes and improve efficiency.


SalusPro, a brainchild of Gabriel Guetta and Robert Clifford, offers a software developed to help construction companies digitize their safety platform. It falls under construction, information technology, and software industry.


MusterPoint is a marketplace dedicated to facilitating rental transactions, developed by Tim Sportschuetz. It is a significant player in the construction, information technology, and marketplace industries.

Concrete MRI

Concrete MRI was founded by Hoang Nhan Nguyen. By providing scanning and monitoring services to access the quality of concrete on civil engineering projects, Concrete MRI is substantially contributing to the construction, professional services, and real estate industries.


OnTraccr, founded by Jas Nijjar, Shane McNamara, and Syed Ahmed, is a SaaS platform providing next-generation construction workflow automation capabilities. This is proven to be a game-changer in industries like construction, industrial automation, information services, information technology, mobile, SaaS, and software.

Model Reno

Model Reno is an end-to-end renovation platform founded by Bradley Doering. It is focused on innovating the construction industry with a prime focus on 3D technology, construction, internet, and supply chain management.


BuildMapper is an all-in-one platform that makes lead generation and connection easier in the construction industry. It is considered a leader in the apps, construction, and software industries.


WareHoos is an online building supply yard that operates 24/7. Found by Ross Power, WareHoos focuses on the building material, construction, E-Commerce, and last-mile transportation industry.

Lambda Science

Lambda Science uses AI to help home builders build energy-efficient homes. Its contributions to the artificial intelligence, clean tech, construction, energy efficiency, and software industries are noteworthy.

Calmura Natural Walls Inc.

Calmura Natural Walls Inc. offers a factory-produced and certified natural wall system for residential projects. This innovation makes a significant impact on the clean tech, construction, green building, and manufacturing industries.

BC Infrastructure Benefits

BC Infrastructure Benefits serves as a trades workforce for the construction of public infrastructure projects. It makes its mark in the construction, employment, marketing, and trading platform industries.

Vailo Insurance Services

Vailo Insurance Services rounds out our list by providing property insurance, construction insurance, and casualty insurance within the construction, health insurance, insurance, and property insurance industries.

These innovative startups are harnessing new technologies and ideas to redefine the construction industry in British Columbia. As they continue to grow in scale and impact, their contributions to building a more efficient, sustainable, and resilient built environment cannot be overstated.

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