Which British Columbia Startups are Influencing Business Development in 2023?

British Columbia, Canada has become a hub for many innovative startups. From the fertile plains of the Fraser Valley, across the bustling metropolis of Vancouver, up to the raw natural beauty of the Northern Rockies, this province is a birthplace for businesses eager to make their mark. The Business Development sector, in particular, has seen a significant amount of growth and innovation. As a way to highlight these businesses, we’re showcasing 15 different startups that are making waves in their respective industries.

These companies fall under a wide range of industries – from E-Commerce to Mining, from IT Solutions to Ride-hailing services. Despite this diversity, the common denominator among these enterprises is their commitment to improving and evolving their respective fields. By leveraging leading-edge technologies and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, these startups exemplify the dynamic, innovative nature of today’s business landscape in British Columbia. But who are these companies, and what sets them apart from the crowd? Let’s find out.

This list is in no particular order, and each company is unique and noteworthy in its own right. These startups have made impressive strides in their respective industries in a short period, and we’re excited to see what else they have in store for the future!


Wecommerce is a company that buys, invests in, and starts top Shopify businesses. This groundbreaking venture was founded by Chris Sparling and operates within the Business Development, E-Commerce, and Financial Services sector.

Ngex Minerals

The gold and copper exploration company, NGEx Minerals, was established by Wojtek Wodzicki. As a mover in the Business Development, Mineral, and Precious Metals industries, they’re redefining the future of gold and copper exploration.

Aldebaran Resources

Stepping up in the copper mining sector is Aldebaran Resources. This mineral exploration company was started by Mark Wayne and is known for its revolutionary approach to the copper mining sector.

Coho Collective Kitchens

Coho Collective Kitchens operates as a commissary kitchen, serving the Food and Beverage and Marketing industries. Their unique model has been widely appreciated by clients across British Columbia.


SFU LYFE, established by the duo; Jayson Hurstinen and Tilyna Pawer, is a platform offering personal and professional development resources. It assists with everything, from Career Planning to Personal Finance, ensuring that you succeed all round in life.


At the intersection of cannabis and tech, there is KayaPush. Founded by Danny Lum, this company is serving cannabis retail industry with full workforce management that includes services for time attendance, scheduling, and payroll.


DealBuilder simplifies business sales with its self-directed platform. Founded by Morgan Tate, it is an important player in the Business Development, Internet, and Sales industry.

Root Evolution

Specializing in application development for business management and process automation is Root Evolution. They fill in a crucial role in Business Development, IT, and Software development industries.

The Land Administration

The Land Administration was started by Steve Smith and provides land administration solutions to jurisdictions, thus aiding in the Business Development, Project Management, and Real Estate fields.

Pearls – Inc

Redesigning requirements management is Pearls – Inc. This software has been developed with the needs of business analysts in mind and is an innovation within the Business Development, Project Management, and Software sector.

Hashtag Slayer

Spicing things up in hashtag management is Hashtag Slayer. This application assists online businesses to improve their visibility and reach on social media.

Baron Group

Offering advisory and management services for ambitious companies is Baron Group. This firm is showing the way in the Business Development, Finance, and Management Consulting sector.

Leading Places

Leading Places is a renowned market research firm that delves into the intricacies of digital communication, market transformation, and destination marketing.

Whitehorse Gold

Turning heads in the mineral exploration and development industry is Whitehorse Gold. They’re currently engaged with the Skukum Gold Project, contributing significantly to the industry’s further evolution.


Providing hassle-free transport solutions, ReRyde is a local riding application making strides in the Apps, Business Development, Internet, and Taxi Service industries.

These startups illustrate just how multifaceted BC’s business development scene is and how the spirit of innovation transcends the province. We’re excited to see what transformations these ventures will bring next, and what new startups could be joining these ranks in the future!

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