Which Sports Startups Are Transforming British Columbia’s Industry in 2023?

Startups are the lifeblood of any thriving industry, nurturing innovation and contributing to the dynamic evolution of the industry’s landscape. British Columbia, Canada is home to a variety of sports startups that are revolutionizing everything from e-sports to health and wellness. These enterprises are challenging traditional boundaries and revolutionizing their respective domains with cutting-edge technology and novel business models.

In an industry as diverse and dynamic as sports, these startups represent a wide array of sub-domains, encompassing everything from online gaming platforms and advanced sports analytics to innovative nutrition solutions and digital marketing firms. Truly embodying the spirit of entrepreneurship, these startups are at the forefront of the industry’s transformation in British Columbia.

In the following sections, we take a closer look at each of these exceptional sports startups, noting their unique value propositions, founders, and industry focus. From artificial intelligence breakthroughs to collaborative gaming platforms, each company offers a fresh perspective and intriguing potential.


Co-founded by Jill Kenney, Jonathan Bixby, and Stephanie Peloza, Paidia is reshaping the e-sport landscape for women gamers. Offering a platform that welcomes individuals of varying skill levels, Paidia allows its users the exciting opportunity to engage in online competitions. Catering specifically to the eSports industry, Paidia aims to amplify the gaming and e-sports community for women.

Cash Live

Founded by Matt Jarvis and Samarth Chandola, Cash Live is a mobile poker and social casino game show platform. Gamers can participate in daily live-streamed hosted poker tournaments, bringing the thrill of real-time competitive play to their fingertips. The firm operates in the Fantasy Sports, Gambling, Mobile, and Video Streaming sectors.

Payper Win

Payper Win, founded by Justin Beaune, is a peer-to-peer sports betting platform that operates in the Gaming and Sports sector. This unique startup brings a community angle to sports betting, leading to an engaging and dynamic user experience on its platform.


Founded by Matt Bailey, GameOn resides in the intersection of numerous sectors including Blockchain, Consumer Applications, Cryptocurrency, Fantasy Sports, Gaming, Mobile Apps, Online Games, and Sports. Proclaiming itself as “the future of engaging superfans”, GameOn certainly promises exciting developments in the above arenas.

Brickhouse Ventures

Founded by Evan Kubes, Matt Hoffar, and Spencer Smyl, Brickhouse Ventures is a technology venture that invests in early-stage sports, e-sports, and entertainment companies. As a venture firm that fuels innovation in the eSports and Sports sector, Brickhouse Ventures plays a crucial role in translating groundbreaking ideas into reality.

Sports IQ Analytics

Sports IQ Analytics, founded by Omer Dor, focuses on providing advanced AI and machine learning driven solutions for the online sports gambling sector. This startup taps into the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Software, and Sports, leading to intelligent and efficient betting options.


Founded by Jim Ko, John Kim, and Kevin H., Insights.gg is a collaboration and Esports coaching platform designed for passionate gamers. As a startup navigating through the eSports, Gaming, Internet, and Software sectors, this firm seeks to enhance the gaming experience with an added layer of collaboration and coaching.


Founded by Nick Bideshi, Blue/Meta redefines digital experience for medium sized businesses by mapping and optimizing customer experience through technology. Its assortment of services spans Brand Marketing, CRM, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, eSports, Management Consulting, UX Design, Web Design, and Web Development.

TGS Esports

Founded by Spiro Khouri, TGS Esports has created a community e-sports center open to players of all skill levels. As fans gather to watch and compete all year round in eSports and Online Games, this startup has fostered a thriving gaming community.


Founded by Jaime Tatsubana, FootyStats provides comprehensive Stats and Analytics for the Soccer industry. This startup helps soccer enthusiasts delve into the stats behind the game, unraveling a new dimension of the sport.

AURA Nutrition

AURA Nutrition provides essential supplements geared towards the everyday female athlete. Competing in the Consumer Goods, Health Care, Nutrition, Sports, and Women’s sectors, this startup aims to help athletes achieve their wellness goals.

Pepper Esports

Pepper Esports fosters an esports platform for everyday gamers, creating a space where anyone can engage, compete, and enjoy the world of gaming.

PiiK Games

PiiK Games delivers a rich and engaging esports experiences to gamers worldwide using its unique platform, tools, and expertise. This startup presents an exciting venture in the eSports and Online Games sectors.

Drive Hockey Analytics

Mike Dahlstedt founded Drive Hockey Analytics, a startup that developed a revolutionary sensor-based system delivering advanced analytics and game IQ automatically. The system is built for amateur hockey players & coaches, and operates in the Analytics, Hockey, Internet of Things, and Sports sectors.


Founded by Miguel Hernandez, Palocam has developed a pole-climbing solution to record sports. With its unique approach to capturing Fitness, Gaming, and Sports through its Software, Palocam is revolutionizing the way sports are viewed and analyzed.

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