Which Ontario Virtual Reality Startups Dominated Canadian Tech Space in 2023?

Virtual reality (VR) is a swiftly growing field that is revolutionizing numerous industries from gaming and entertainment to real estate and healthcare. As Canada’s most populous province and a major hub of innovation, Ontario is home to an array of startups that are pushing the boundaries in the VR space. This article introduces 15 of the most promising VR startups based in Ontario, offering an insight into their visions, their products, and their contributions to this exciting industry.


Founded by Austin Zheng and Shawn Pang, Matterverse is pioneering photorealistic metaverse creation. Their goal is to enable anyone to create, share, and explore highly realistic metaverse environments on any device, incorporating 3D technology and blockchain in the process.

Dark Slope Studios

Co-founded by Raja Khanna, Dark Slope Studios is a VR/AR developer focusing on creating immersive experiences in the realms of animation, digital entertainment, gaming, and IT.

VRapeutic, Inc.

Ahmad Al-Kabbany and Yahya Alaa co-founded VRapeutic, a UNICEF Innovation Fund software house specializing in VR solutions for neurodevelopmental challenges, aiming to enhance rehabilitation and healthcare through VR.


ICAREUM, established by Dan Merriam and Danila Solovov, leverages VR to revolutionize the real estate industry. They provide a 3D cloud gaming technology that aids property developers in online sales.


At the heart of mtion, founded by Jeremy Hartmann, is the ambition to build a metaverse where gamers can stream their gameplay and share it with others.


Founded by Hosein Moazzen, Metaghiti integrates various innovative technologies including VR, AR, blockchain, and cryptocurrency to develop a bustling and decentralized metaverse.


Wishplay, established by David Parker, uses VR to help patients explore the world beyond their illness, enhancing their healthcare and healing experience.


SilicoLabs takes AI training and testing to the next level by enabling the creation of 2D, 3D, and real-world tasks across platforms.

Sinn Studio Inc.

Sinn Studio Inc., co-founded by Alek Sinn and Anas Siraj, specializes in VR game development and publishing.

Zesty Market

Zesty Market provides marketing tools to help creators advertise and monetize their content in the metaverse.


Launched by Drew MacNeil and Evan Sitler, XpertVR combines VR with market research, creating a unique, immersive method for conducting consumer and product research.


SpaceCard, the brainchild of Milan Baić, breaks new ground as a virtual reality postcard platform designed for showcasing spaces.

Noyoko Production

Co-founded by William Rovira, Noyoko Production integrates virtual reality with live entertainment and digital media.

XR Ignite

XR Ignite, founded by Alan Smithson, operates as a community hub and virtual accelerator connecting startups and developers with corporate customers.


Founded by Kamran Baqai, Digitalogia specializes in data visualization, creating stunning digital twins, and VR and AR applications.

These Ontario startups are expanding the horizons of VR, breathing life into bold new ideas and forging the future of numerous industries. With a potent mix of creativity, expertise, and technological prowess, they are helping to place Ontario—and Canada as a whole—at the forefront of VR innovation.

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