Which Ontario Staffing Agency Startups are Shaping the Job Market?

Staffing agencies have evolved from traditional talent placement services to innovative platforms powered by next-gen technologies. These agencies now not only bridge the gap between job seekers and employers but also provide a wide range of services like HR consulting, vendor management, talent sourcing, and more. A rising number of such startups are making waves in Ontario, Canada. This article will feature 15 promising Ontario-based staffing agency startups that are making hiring significantly easier.

The significance of the staffing agency startups in Ontario is reflective of the transformative talent-driven economy in Canada. In almost every industry, these startups play a pivotal role in helping businesses thrive with the right human resources. From niche domains like healthcare and IT to broader categories such as human resources and professional services, staffing startups are complementing Canada’s economic growth.

Let’s take a closer look at these startups — who they are, what they do, who founded them, and much more — giving us a glimpse into the future of the staffing industry in Ontario, Canada.


ShiftPosts is an on-demand platform providing shift workers to the healthcare sector. This startup operates at the nexus of the health care, medical, pharmaceutical, and staffing agency cohort. Founded by Bartek Jach, David Beynon, and Elizabeth Cooper, ShiftPosts is making strides in streamlining the hiring process in healthcare.


Co-founded by Ali El-Shayeb, nugget is a leading recruiter company. The platform successfully integrates the staffing agency sector with education and recruiting, creating an elevated industry standard.

Equality Street

Founded by Rob McTavish, Equality Street is a recruiting firm offering to place Salesforce professionals. The platform operates in the domains of human resources, professional services, recruiting, and the staffing agency.

Power Staffing Solutions

Power Staffing Solutions Carving a niche within health care, recruiting, and the staffing agency industry, this startup specializes in recruiting for IT, Professional, and Healthcare positions.

Castle HR

Founded by Tom Nickalls, Castle HR provides HR consulting for startups and SMBs. The platform operates in the consulting, human resources, recruiting, and staffing agency industry.


Remoffer is a remote staffing company offering cost-effective and scalable offshore staffing solutions in Latin America. This startup was founded by Carlos Rueda and operates in the outsourcing, staffing agency, and virtual assistant sectors.


ZiGGY is an online platform that offers human resources, staffing, and employment-related services for the supply chain industry. This startup uniquely combines consulting, employment, human resources, logistics, and staffing agency services.


TalentWorld is a multi-functional platform offering HR Recruitment, Recruitment, talent sourcing, outsourcing, sales recruiting, and customer service recruiting. It belongs to the recruiting and staffing agency industry.


Founded by Mohamed Hagi-Yusuf, Staffplex is at the forefront of helping companies to find and hire top diverse talent. Their services span domains such as human resources, recruiting, software, and staffing agency.

Staff Shop

Staff Shop offers premium recruiting and staffing resources. The platform expertly merges human resources, recruiting, and staffing agency services.


Founded by Christian Saab, CPG is a dynamic staffing agency. The platform specializes in recruiting, staffing, training, and onboarding candidates to ease talent acquisition. It belongs to the recruiting, staffing agency, and training industry.

Conexis VMS

Established by John Clark and Wayne Burgess, Conexis VMS operates in software, staffing agency, and virtual workforce categories. The startup offers vendor management systems, managing agencies, and contingent workforce programs.


Co-founded by Oge George, HealthOPM provides healthcare staffing and recruiting services. The platform operates in the health care, recruiting, and staffing agency sectors.

RecruitForMe Inc.

RecruitForMe Inc. is an Intuitive Hiring and Networking Platform, operating in the realms of human resources, internet, small and medium businesses, software, and staffing agency.


Adelsen is an employment agency helping employers launch and design recruiting strategies for the workforce. Adelsen is part of the Employment and Staffing Agency industry.

In summary, staffing agency startups in Ontario are innovatively reshaping the hiring landscape. They play a crucial role in fostering dynamic, diverse, and inclusive workplaces, further underlining their important contribution to the industry.

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