Who Are Ontario’s Most Influential Real Estate Investment Startups Today?

Welcome to this exciting feature on some of the most interesting start-ups shaping the future of real estate investment in Ontario, Canada. The real estate sector is increasingly embracing digital transformation to improve efficiencies and meet evolving customer needs. A growing number of start-ups are leveraging technology to create unique value propositions and disrupt traditional ways of doing business in the sector. Let’s take a look at 15 start-ups that are redefining the real estate investment landscape.


Altrio aims at bringing real estate capital markets online and is operating in both the computer and real estate investment industries. Co-founded by Jon Simpson and Raj Singh, Altrio is digitizing a traditionally paper-driven industry, unlocking improved efficiencies and accessibility.

Alate Partners

Alate Partners, co-founded by John Albright, is combining home services, property management, and development to empower technology entrepreneurs who are rethinking real estate.


BuyProperly, an AI-driven online exchange for fractional real estate investments founded by Khushboo Jha, is endeavouring to democratize access to real estate investment opportunities.


Willow is a platform co-founded by Logan Yergens, Mike Hibberd, and Ray Johannsson. It allows for buying and selling fractions of properties much like stocks, making real estate investment more accessible and diversified.

Essential Real Estate Partners

Essential Real Estate Partners, founded by Dan Merriam and Sandy Mackay, is a real estate fund management firm operating in the asset management, commercial real estate and real estate investment industries.


Arextech is building software to help real estate investors leverage the power of data. Co-founded by Miguel Alvarez de Linera Alperi and Pablo Garnica, Arextech is driving smarter investment decisions through technology.

ONE Development

ONE Development‘s Jason Ferreira is working in industries such as construction, property development, and real estate investment, aiming to redefine the real estate development landscape.

R-LABS Canada

R-LABS Canada, founded by George Carras, is building innovative real estate businesses to solve industry-wide challenges.


Fundscraper, co-founded by Luan Ha, brings a tech-driven perspective to the marketplace, real estate, and real estate investment.

Nest Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation

Nest Capital, founded by Chris Allinson and Roger Allinson, operates in the financial services, real estate, and real estate investment industries as a Mortgage Investment Corporation.

Portsmouth Residential

Portsmouth Residential is a real estate asset management firm specialising in asset management, property management, and real estate investment.

Ahava Holdings & Ventures

Ahava Holdings & Ventures, founded by Janét Aizenstros, blends technology and media into its real estate investment strategy, focusing on impact investing, information technology, and wealth management.


Konfidis, co-founded by Jared Kalish and John Asher, uses data to uncover high-yield residential real estate investment opportunities.

Roehampton Capital

Roehampton Capital works across commercial lending, property development, real estate investments and ventures, underpinned by a commitment to creating a positive public impact.


Reezy, founded by George Borunov, empowers property investors with smart, data-driven tools to simplify the home buying process and optimise property management.

To sum it up, these innovative Ontario-based start-ups are progressively redefining the real estate investment landscape in Canada. They are offering unique solutions that are transforming the sector towards a more efficient and accessible future. As they continue to grow, they offer interesting prospects for investors and all stakeholders in the real estate sector. Keep an eye out for these trailblazers.

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