What Are Ontario’s Most Influential Personal Health Startups in 2023?

With growing Canadian interest in health and wellness, numerous startups have emerged to support individual health. Canadians are increasingly conscious about personal health, making it a significant area of startup activity. These companies use innovative methods to provide care and promote wellness, leveraged by champions in the field. From digital fitness tracking to mental health platforms, these startups are working in various dimensions of health, ensuring the public has many alternatives to manage and improve their health. Let’s discover some of these innovative personal health startups located in Ontario, Canada.

Ontario has always been a hub of technological innovation and ingenuity. This creative dynamism has naturally spilled over to the health care industry, with a host of personal health startups blossoming in the province. These startups not only focus on traditional wellness but incorporate novel technologies and approaches to health management. This list includes fifteen promising personal health startups, each unique in their offerings but sharing a common goal of making personal health and wellness more accessible, efficient, and effective.

These startups are slated to revolutionize personal health care, taking a patient-centred and data-driven approach. Their innovative solutions span different industries, including home health care, wellness, medical devices, and therapies. Some concentrate on mental health care, while others focus on diagnostic tools, rehabilitation, and disease management. They all contribute to a more holistic health care ecosystem, emphasizing preventative care and efficient treatment.


Founded by Cole Kirschner, Guillaume Paré, and Kevin Peters, AgeRate is a biotechnology platform that helps track aging in real time. They are setting the stage for an innovative approach to personal health in the healthcare, health diagnostics, medical, and wellness industries.

Hyivy Health

HyIvy Health, spearheaded by Rachel Bartholomew, offers a pelvic rehabilitation device with trackable data for women recovering from pelvic diseases and surgeries. An outstanding venture in the health care, home health care, medical, medical device, mHealth, personal health, and rehabilitation industries.

Ellerca Health

Founded by Daniel Yeboah, Ellerca Health is improving patient care through technologies and innovation. A leading force in the personal health care industry.


ZERV, created by Denny Tian and Rishi Ghuldu, is a digital marketplace for health, wellness, and beauty services, making strides in the beauty, health care, marketplace, personal health industries.


With the vision of Jacob Moshinsky, MoviWear offers 24.7 Remote Health Monitoring Solutions. They are making remarkable advancements in artificial intelligence, health care, home health care, and personal health industry.

Embrace Health Innovations

Embrace Health Innovations, started by Arlene Lusterio, is pioneering health tech, self-esteem research, and personal & social wellness development in the health care, home health care, and personal health industries.


Founded by Jeffrey Lee and Marius Rønnov, Cubert is a consumer technology and product developer. Cubert is making its mark in the consumer electronics, e-commerce, personal health, and software industries.


tethr, founded by Addison Brasil, Burke White, and Denny Park, is a peer enabled mental health and well-being platform for anyone that identifies as a man. It takes a crucial role in the apps, health care, and personal health sector.

Medical Weight Management Centre of Canada Inc.

Medical Weight Management Centre of Canada Inc., led by Jamie Harsevoort, is a virtual obesity clinic offering a physician-led, evidence-based approach to weight management. Essential in the personal health industry.


Founded by Josh Sookman, MasterHealth is enabling individuals to learn, take action & stick to health programs from experts they trust. They have a significant presence in the health care, mobile, personal health, and wellness sector.


Theraphage designs and develops bacteriophage-based immunotherapeutics that can be used globally for various infectious diseases. An influential player in the biotechnology, health care, health diagnostics, and personal health industries.

Caring Touch Home Health Care

Founded by Nicole Troiano, Caring Touch Home Health Care offers nurse-managed, palliative, and hospice care services. They have a substantial impact on the health care, home health care, and personal health sector.


Slipp is a wellness company that manufactures and markets a wide range of vaginal comfort and health-focused condom. They are making strides in the health care, manufacturing, personal health, and wellness industries.

TO Kinesiology

TO Kinesiology is a Toronto-based company providing Kinesiology and Personal Training services. They have a powerful presence in the fitness, personal health, and training sector.

One Healing Space

One Healing Space focuses on Mental Health Care. Renowned as a significant player in the education, health care, personal health, and wellness industries.

In conclusion, these startups are making a considerable contribution to advancing personal health care. By leveraging technology, patient-centred approaches, and innovative solutions, they are changing the way people perceive and manage their health. These fifteen startups are just a glimpse of the potential for personal health innovation in Ontario, Canada, and the future certainly looks promising!

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