Which Ontario Market Research Startups Are Shaping Canada’s Business Landscape?

Ontario, Canada, nestled in the center of a rich tech ecosystem is a thriving hub of pioneering startups. A notable number of these startups are revolutionizing various sectors with their innovative solutions, fueled by the advancements in market research, data analysis, and AI technologies. This article will spotlight some of the most exciting Ontario market research startups and their contributions to a wide range of industries.

The current digital era demands businesses to make data-driven decisions. Market research ensures those decisions are based on accurate, relevant, and insightful data. The 15 startups featured in this article have cultivated unique methodologies and innovative technologies in this space. They are compelling testament to Ontario’s growing footprint in market research and tech innovation.

From streamlining home realty and surgical applications to understanding consumer behavior better through virtual and augmented reality, these startups are ushering in a new era of solutions. Without further ado, let’s delve into these Ontario-based startups causing ripples in the industry.

RIFO Holding Group

RIFO Holding Group offers an impressive blend of technology by connecting finance, real estate, and smart home applications. Founded by Charles Jiang and Johnson Ji, RIFO provides an innovative platform for home realty and is at the frontier of the Fintech and home services space. With data integration as a central aspect of their operations, they are reimagining how financial transactions are processed in the real estate industry.


Bringing innovation to the medical industry is Cohesys. Co-founded by Michael Floros, Cohesys is developing novel surgical adhesives for medical applications. They conduct comprehensive market research to understand and address the current challenges in the surgical applications space.


Automating report building is the primary focus of PigeonLine. This startup concentrates on respecting users’ data privacy while employing cutting-edge developments in AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics. Founders Audrey Ooi, Cody Dodd, and Jae-Yong Lee are set to revolutionize the market research software industry with their innovative platform.


Crafting the tech intelligence engine for the future is Resonance. Looking beyond typical industry markets, they are bringing their data intelligence to the media, entertainment, news, and even space travel sectors. With a focus on quantum computing, Resonance runs extensive market research to develop advanced databases.


Providing rapid machine learning prototyping for small businesses is Tactii. Their comprehensive analytics and predictive capabilities enable them to offer innovative solutions. Founder Raja CSP Raman brings a fresh perspective to the market research industry.

Lavin Media

Offering valuable digital marketing consultation and data analysis services is Lavin Media. Founders Anton Havorka and Sergey Kisyuk are utilizing analytics for improving consulting strategies within the digital marketing space.


Enabling users to easily create tasks to train and assess human and AI behavior is SilicoLabs. They are fostering advancements in artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and neuroscience with their sophisticated software solutions and expansive market research.


Providing partner-driven growth marketing solutions is Adbloom. Co-founders Andrew Abony and Ryan Timm offer services in affiliate marketing, app marketing, and digital marketing. Adbloom’s comprehensive market research allows top-tier startups and fortune 500s to capitalize on their unique services.

Third Eye Insights

Third Eye Insights is a marketing agency specializing in strategic consulting and design. Their extensive market research encompasses everything from advertising and business development to UX design.

Open Industry

Connecting industry experts with leading organizations is the marketplace Open Industry. Its services accelerate thought leadership and innovation, backing companies with expansive networks, sales strategies, and more based on their comprehensive market research.


XpertVR is a market research startup that focuses on consumer behavior and academic research through its SaaS portal. Founders Drew MacNeil and Evan Sitler are harnessing virtual reality and augmented reality technologies to help business enterprises and academic researchers make data-driven decisions.


Providing robust financial tracking services is MUSTH. This Fintech company leverages market insights to offer advanced services in financial planning and market predictions.

Experiment Nation

Driving content related to conversion rate optimization, product management, and growth is Experiment Nation. Founded by Rommil Santiago, this startup provides a platform for marketers to gather insightful data that creates value for their business success.


Providing reliable global data connections for agencies, brands, and market research firms is Maru/Blue. They spearhead data integration, ensuring that business decisions are based on precise and real-time data.

Unisights Research and Analytics

Unisights Research and Analytics founder Smita DS takes a comprehensive approach to insights, offering end-to-end analysis services. Unisights leverages big data analytics, and predictive analytics to offer valuable market research insights to different sectors.

Putting it briefly, these startups are not only shaping the landscape of the market research industry in Ontario but also the way we use data, conduct business operations and make crucial decisions on the local and global front. They are all excellent examples of Canadian entrepreneurial spirit, and we look forward to seeing the impact they make.

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