Which are Canada’s Most Influential Chemical Startups Shaping 2023?

Within the Canadian startup landscape, an intriguing scene of innovation and transformation occurs. Ranging across various sectors such as Biotechnology, Clean Energy, Agriculture, and more, the chemical industry appears to be triggering breakthroughs that surpass conventional boundaries. Bringing forth novel solutions for the modern world’s challenges, from sustainability to renewable energy, these companies are a testament to the impressive growth of Canada’s chemical startup ecosystem.

Here, we’ve handpicked 15 innovative chemical startups that represent the evolving face of the industry in Canada. While distinct in their pursuits, these startups share a common denominator: the transformative power of chemistry. Their drive and creativity in harnessing this power have fostered ground-breaking products and technologies that shape our future.

Whether you are an investor, a potential partner, or someone interested in the field, here’s a closer look at these trailblazing chemical startups in Canada. Get to know more about their endeavors, the industries they operate in, and the catalysts behind their innovation.


Ionomr is a startup making next-gen ion-exchange materials like Aemion™ & Pemion™. These ground-breaking tech applications play a significant role in clean technology applications through electrochemistry. The founders Benjamin Britton and Bill Haberlin envisage Ionomr’s presence into Advanced Materials, Battery, Chemical, Clean Energy, Water, and Renewable Energy industries.


Founded by Pedro Pereira-Almao, Carbonova is a unique startup that specializes in developing carbon nanofibres, hailing the potential applications of this extraordinary market. This startup operates in the Advanced Materials, Chemical, and Nanotechnology industries.


With the aim to decarbonize the chemicals industry, Dispersa leverages the power of microbe-derived natural solutions. The startup, founded by Nivatha Balendra, dabbles in the Biotechnology, Chemical, and CleanTech sectors.

SeeO2 Energy

SeeO2 Energy converts carbon dioxide into marketable and clean value-added fuels and chemicals. The startup, steered by Beatriz Molero Sanchez and Paul Addo, revolutionizes the Chemical, Energy, and Life Science industries with its reversible fuel technology.

HTuO Biosciences

Focusing on high-accuracy molecular modelling technology, HTuO Biosciences was founded by Alexander Shynkarenko and Anthony Fejes. The startup has carved its niche in the Biotechnology, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries.


A unique platform, Bulky allows liquid chemical shippers and tanker truck carriers to match their bulk freight loads for transport in an instant. Though still anonymous, the founders have led innovation in the Chemical, Logistics, and Shipping industries.

Plantee Bioplastics

Specializing in biopolymers, Plantee Bioplastics develops biodegradable plastic products. Further, it is also involved in the creation of intellectual properties. Founded by Praphulla Tiwary and Prashant Agrawal, Plantee Bioplastics holds a position in the Biotechnology, Chemical and Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing industries.

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