Which Nova Scotia Software Startups are Revolutionizing Canada’s Tech Industry?

As the hub of some of the most sought-after universities and tech colleges in Canada, Nova Scotia is a place where the tech industry is thriving and growing by leaps and bounds. It is also home to a significant number of exciting and breakthrough software startups, each using technology to solve unique real-world problems. In this article, we take a look at 15 such exciting software startups that originated from Nova Scotia and each of them provides a scope to breathe fresh air into the industry.

Each startup is unique in its style of problem-solving, whether it’s meeting compliance needs, facilitating recreational sports, streamlining construction planning, improving food safety, enhancing project management, or revolutionizing space systems. Each of these startups represents the eclectic and vibrant nature of Nova Scotia’s tech ecosystem.

An interesting factor connecting all these ventures is their innovative use of technology and a solid focus on serving the needs of the customer — keeping customers at the heart of their service design. Here’s an in-depth look at each of these startups.


Founded by Darren Gallop and Laird Wilton, Carbide is a SaaS built specifically for SMBs, chalking out a path for them to meet compliance with a range of information security and privacy standards. Their service touches critical areas such as SOC2, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA ISO, and more.


Talkatoo is a unique software developed by Aly Mawji and Shawn Wilkie that facilitates dictation for professionals. Hailing from the Health Care and Software industry, they have an impressive monthly recurring revenue.

Dear Life

Harrison Smith, Paul LeBlanc, and Raymond Pancura have developed Dear Life, an online platform that turns your life’s story into a cinematic visual experience.


Brainchild of Scott Burke, Groundhog is a suite of comprehensive tools fuelling the crypto subscription economy. They operate in industries ranging from Blockchain and Fintech to Software.


Developed by Bill Wilson, Greg Toner, and Taylor Bond, SalesRight provides SaaS sales teams with Interactive Live Quotes to speed up the deal closure process.


Bloxo is a recreational sports-oriented service created by Mohammed Alhashem and Mubdu Alali. The platform matches individuals with sports opportunities based on their interests, skill levels, and availability.


A pension automation startup by Kevin Ansems, Union.Dev operates with a pivotal role in Financial Services and Software industries.


Founded by Arad Gharagozli, Galaxia develops cloud and AI-based computing systems for satellites, marking significant advancements in the space systems industry.

Formula Consulting

Although their website isn’t provided, Formula Consulting is another Nova Scotian startup to look forward to. By offering innovative digital solutions, they aspire to reduce the time and costs involved in civil construction projects.


Started by Mohammadhosein Soufi, SmartMed offers automated scheduling software, intended for companies employing shift workers.

Sideline Learning

Sideline Learning is a compliance tracking platform introduced by Michael Johnson that helps organizations verify and educate.


Acuicy is the first fully automated software using deep data and AI to give suppliers tailored low-carbon solutions with the financial business case, clear ROI and emissions reductions for a wide range of options. Our customers get the data to track progress on their net-zero goals in real time.


OVERGantt is a startup that aims to revolutionize traditional project management techniques through their Project Flow Diagram.


Started by Huy Pham and Thanh Tung Nguyen, TablePlus is designed to simplify database management, while also integrating a responsive design and robust performance.


Lastly, FoodByte, a startup founded by Matthew Winchester and Sean Pindar focuses on automating food safety for small teams, thereby improving food protection standards.

In conclusion, Nova Scotia proves to be a growing hub for innovation and technology. The features of these startups are representative of how the area is carving out a unique identity in the tech industry all across Canada.

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