Which are Quebec’s Most Influential Analytics Startups Shaping Industry’s Future?

Quebec, known for its rich culture, picturesque landscapes, and flavorful cuisine, is also home to a growing number of innovative tech startups. The province’s robust entrepreneurial ecosystem is fueled by a fusion of talented individuals, world-class academic institutions, and supportive government policies designed to foster innovation and technological advancements. A thriving segment of this ecosystem is the realm of analytics startups, firms that leverage cutting-edge technology to gather, analyze, and interpret large volumes of data to drive decision-making processes across varied industries. Here are some noteworthy analytic startups based in Quebec.

The ability to glean insights from vast streams of information is central to operational efficiency and competitive advantage in our rapidly-evolving, data-centered world. Companies are increasingly turning to AI and predictive analytics to uncover trends and make informed, strategic decisions. The paradigm has gained significant traction in sectors ranging from healthcare, ecommerce, and the food-service industry to financial services and real estate. These analytics startups are contributing to the data revolution that is redefining the business landscape.

Meet 15 analytics startups in Quebec that are harnessing the transformative power of data and AI to enhance efficiencies, optimize processes, and deliver unparalleled value in their respective sectors.

Perceiv AI

Perceiv AI, co-founded by Christian Dansereau, César Laurent, and Maor Zaltzhendler brings a whole new perspective to precision medicine. It employs artificial intelligence to forecast disease progression, thereby bringing analytics into healthcare diagnostics, clinical trials, and pharmaceuticals.


Nolk was co-founded by Alexandre Renaud and Francois Arbour. It is designed to offer data and analytics for e-commerce brands, spanning across digital marketing, software, and consumer products.

Brizo Data

Brizo Data, pioneered by Audrey Bilsborrow, Gaétan Corneau, and Ian Delisle offers SaaS and market intelligence in data science, particularly for the food-service industry.


Founded by Simon Leroux and Steven Jast, Gazelle.ai uses AI and big data to identify companies with booming growth and expansion prospects.


Co-founded by Ari Himmel, Bin Zhu, and Michael Whitehouse, Faimdata leverages computer vision AI for location-based operators in retail, food service, hospitality, and finance.


Founded by Edward Ko and Hoang Ngo, Mely.ai focuses on automating document extraction and data entry with artificial intelligence, benefiting the logistics and supply chain sectors.


Specializing in detection and remediation of speech-language disorders, LinguAI employs state-of-the-art speech recognition technologies.


7Square, founded by Aakarsh Shekhar and Hisham Hawara, is focused on providing ultra-accurate residential real estate analytics.


HookMotion, co-founded by Dominic Morin-Proulx, Matthieu Clas, and Samy Zarour offers real-time game tracking, fraud detection, and data-oriented optimization for casinos through AI.

Montreal Analytics

Montreal Analytics offers data consulting services to a variety of businesses by resolving misaligned and chaotic reporting.


VectorSolv is a firm that offers data analytics, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, API development, and warranty administration services.

FinCrimeTech AI

FinCrimeTech AI, co-founded by Issa Berthe and John Doe, is an AI-Powered analytics SaaS platform that helps institutions combat financial crime more efficiently.

XeoHive Technology

XeoHive, co-founded by Abhishek Appadoo, provides a comprehensive set of institutional grade tools for the investment cycle of digital assets.


MAKILA, founded by Alain Latry, specializes in simulation and predictive analysis solutions.


UNRYO, founded by Michel Foix, offers the industry’s first hybrid multi-cloud monitoring platform.

Quebec’s vibrant startup scene presents a promising outlook for the future of analytics and big data. As these companies continue evolving, they will undoubtedly drive the transformation of numerous industries, helping businesses operate more efficiently, make well-informed decisions, and provide better experiences for their customers. Moving forward, more innovative solutions are expected to rise from this promising startup scene in Quebec, strengthening Canada’s position as a leader in the global data analytics space.

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