Who Are British Columbia’s Most Influential SEO Startups in 2023?

Startups in British Columbia, Canada, are raising the bar when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a cornerstone of digital marketing strategy and these trailblazing companies are bringing innovation, talent, and exciting new solutions to the field. British Columbia has become a hub for SEO-focused startups and many are garnering attention nationwide, and even globally, for their unique offerings and noteworthy strategies in the SEO sector.

From SEO specialists to integrated digital marketing agencies, the province is home to a myriad of young companies that are making strides in the industry. Notably, these companies are leveraging the latest technologies and trends to help their clients reach their marketing goals and increase visibility online. Attractiveness, innovation, and successful case studies have made British Columbia’s SEO startups some of the most interesting in Canada.

The startup scene in British Columbia is as diverse as it is vibrant. The companies vary from full-service agencies to niche specialists, from those focusing on local markets to those with a global reach. Despite differences in approach and services, these startups are united by their commitment to excellence in SEO. Here are 15 of these incredible SEO startups paving their way in British Columbia, Canada.


Founded by Reza Taleb, Djobzy.com is a one-of-a-kind platform that melds the worlds of social media and the gig economy. Through leveraging big data, this startup offers a collection of services for customized tasks or gigs. Its unique and thorough approach enters realms of online portals, semantic search, SEO and sharing economy, among others. The site serves as a global encyclopedia of services available anywhere, at any time, to anyone.

Propel Guru

Propel Guru offers website development, graphic design, and rich content marketing services to businesses. Specializing in key areas like advertising, SEO, and email marketing, this startup helps businesses achieve their digital marketing goals and enhance their online presence.

The Branded Agency

The Branded Agency builds brand identities through website design, branding, and marketing services. Expertise in advertising, content marketing, and SEO allow them to create unique and effective solutions for businesses looking to distinguish themselves in the digital world.

Sitely Pro

Specializing in web design, digital marketing, and SEO, Sitely Pro helps businesses maximize their online presence and reach their marketing goals. They incorporate contemporary design aesthetics and marketing strategies to create websites that are both visually appealing and SEO-friendly.

Lead Local SEO

Vancouver-based Lead Local SEO offers specialized local SEO solutions. Their services help local businesses improve their rankings in the locale-specific search results, leading to higher visibility and increased customer engagement.


With a focus on website design, SEO, and mobile app development, VanCoders, founded by Amit Dadhwal, helps businesses establish a strong online presence. Through their technical expertise they offer tailored solutions within the digital marketing, graphic design, IT, SEO, and service industry sectors.

Ollo Metrics

Ollo Metrics, a digital marketing agency, has a key focus on SE0, marketing analytics, and conversion rate optimization. Additionally, they offer social media advertising solutions to help businesses engage their audience and convert them into customers.

Table9 Media

Table9 Media offers a wide array of services including online marketing and social media marketing. With expertise in advertising, SEO and social media management, this startup ensures businesses achieve fantastic exposure and connectivity with their target audience.

Meo Forest

Founded by Andy Pham, Meo Forest offers a variety of digital marketing services including web development, hosting, graphic design, and content creation. From creating brand identities to helping businesses boost their SEO, this startup creates tailored digital strategies for businesses of all sizes.

The Social Circle

The Social Circle provides an expansive array of solutions including web development, digital strategy, SEO, content creation, branding, and graphic design. Their comprehensive approach to digital marketing helps brands establish a powerful presence online and offline.

OBA Creative

Founded by Uros Obradovic, OBA Creative is a creative agency offering branding, graphic design, web development, and expert SEO services. Their innovative and personalized solutions help businesses stand out and attract their target audience.

Picnic Social

Picnic Social, under the leadership of Erica Timmerman, helps brands connect with their customers through strategies in SEO, web development, blogging, social media management, and public relations. Their personalized and data-driven approach sets them apart.

Panta Marketing

Panta Marketing is an advertising firm offering a range of services including video production, SEO, lead generation, social media, and other digital marketing services. They focus on devising creative solutions that engage audiences and generate leads.

MarineView Media

Founded by Kevin Pockett, MarineView Media offers website design and smart SEO solutions. Based in Victoria, BC, they specialize in creating websites that are visually appealing and optimized for maximum online visibility.

Unicycle Digital

Unicycle Digital is a professional web design and development agency that creates affordable web design, ecommerce, and SEO solutions. They strive to help businesses increase their reach and engagement online.

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