Which are Ontario’s Most Influential Therapeutics Startups Shaping 2023?

Ontario, Canada is a major hub of innovation and it is no surprise that a number of progressive startups focusing on therapeutics hail from the region. Particularly within the fields of healthcare, biotechnology, and life sciences. These companies are making strides with groundbreaking research and cutting-edge technologies that have a profound potential to transform medical practice and to improve human health. Below are some of the most exciting therapeutic startups in the province.

In this article, we will highlight fifteen of these dynamic and innovative companies. These organizations are making a significant impact in fields ranging from alternative medicine to regenerative medicine, from mental health to oncology. Each one has a unique vision and approach, using science and technology in ways that promise to revolutionize healthcare and improve lives.

As we explore these startups, we will share brief overviews of their focus areas, their industries of operation, their founders and their web addresses. We believe this comprehensive introduction will provide readers with an intriguing perspective on the dynamic and transformative field of therapeutics in Ontario, Canada.

Field Trip Health

Field Trip Health is a startup offering alternative medicine, healthcare, therapeutics, and wellness solutions. Founded by Joseph del Moral, Mujeeb Jafferi, and Ryan Yermus, they utilize evidence-based therapies to help people engage more deeply with the world, emphasizing healing as a pathway to overall wellness.


Founders Andrew Pundsack, Ashley Keefner, and Shane Kilpatrick have created Membio, a startup focused on developing a plug-and-play platform for cell and gene therapy manufacturing. This venture operates in the fields of advanced materials, biotechnology, healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and therapeutics.

Adaptate Biotherapeutics

Developing antibodies to modulate gamma delta T cells in situ is the focus of Adaptate Biotherapeutics. Founded by Adrian Hayday, Michael Koslowski, and Mihriban Tuna, this startup specializes in the sectors of biotechnology, health care, and therapeutics.


Psyenceis working on natural psilocybin products for the treatment of psychological trauma and mental health disorders. They function within the realms of biotechnology, health care, life science, and therapeutics.

Deep Biologics

Deep Biologics, founded by Dea Shahinas and Shraddha Dubey, uses artificial intelligence to accelerate the discovery of biologics. Their mission is to expedite therapeutic and diagnostic product development.


Laylaprovides therapy services for mental health. It was founded by Samer Abughannam and operates in the health care, medical, and therapeutic industry.


Genomadixdevelops molecular tests in the fields of infectious disease, precision medicine, and water safety testing, thereby promoting health and wellbeing across these broad areas.

Diamond Therapeutics

Founded by Judith Blumstock, Diamond Therapeutics is a psychedelic drug development company. They operate in the biotechnology, health care, life science, medical, and therapeutics industries.

IntelliStem Technologies

IntelliStem Technologies is a biotechnology firm specializing in manufacturing and therapeutics. By harnessing biotechnology, they work to develop solutions for medical challenges.

PharmAssess Diagnostics

PharmAssess Diagnostics, founded by Thomas Bogdanowicz and Wesley Seuthprachack, is a startup that develops digital health Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for pharmacies and patients. They operate in the electronic health record (EHR), health care, health diagnostics, SaaS, software, and therapeutics sectors. Get more details at PharmAssess Diagnostics.

AntlerA Therapeutics

AntlerA Therapeutics is a regenerative medicine company. Utilizing biotechnology, they are engaging in groundbreaking work in the medical and therapeutic sectors.


Inteligex is a healthcare firm that provides molecular therapies for patients to treat spinal cord injury and diseases of the central nervous system. It was founded by Michael G. Fehlings.


GoodCap, founded by Steven Sadoff, is developing psilocybin-based therapies to treat depression by targeting the gut-brain axis. It operates in the health care, medical, therapeutics, and wellness industries. Visit GoodCap for more information.

Empirica Therapeutics

Founded by Jason Moffat and Sheila Singh, Empirica Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company that develops therapeutic drugs designed to treat aggressive forms of cancer.

Strides Toronto

Strides Toronto, founded by Janet McCrimmon, provides healthcare, therapeutics, and psychology services. Their work is making a significant impact across several key areas of health and wellness.

These are just a handful of the incredible therapeutics startups based in Ontario, Canada. These companies are actively pushing the boundaries of scientific understanding and creating innovative treatments that could change the way we approach healthcare. Through their hard work and unwavering dedication, these startups are shaping the future of therapeutics and, indeed, the future of health.

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