Which Ontario Shopping Startups Are Pivotal in Canada’s Retail Revolution?

Canada is becoming a global hub for innovation and entrepreneurship with a myriad of start-ups across different sectors. The flourishing ecosystem of start-ups is not only conducive to business growth but also to economic development and job creation. In the bustling province of Ontario, start-ups in the shopping space have been creating a whole new retail experiences for consumers. Their offerings range from e-commerce solutions to loyalty programs and innovative modes of delivery.

This uptick in entrepreneurial activity can be attributed to numerous factors – a proactive government offering sound infrastructure and policy support, Canada’s robust economy, which provides a conducive business environment, and a dynamic community of entrepreneurs who believe in continuous innovation. In particular, these ambitious start-ups are leveraging technology to offer solutions that are reshaping shopping expriences and operations.

In highlighting their outstanding efforts, we feature 15 of the most interesting and innovative shopping start-ups in Ontario. These companies are not only disrupting traditional shopping norms, but they’re also offering some intriguing solutions in response to continually evolving consumer needs.


Reefreshed is an online platform that specializes in providing goods and services to its diverse clientele, delivered within minutes. Founded by Ricky Gill, the start-up operates in the realms of Apps, Delivery Service, E-Commerce, Grocery, Marketplace, SaaS, Service Industry, and Shopping.


Co-founded by Brianna MacNeil and Patrick Guay, Bitback is the cashback rewards platform, specifically designed to connect young people and retailers across Africa. This start-up operates in the industry of Apps, FinTech, Loyalty Programs, Mobile Apps, Payments, Retail, and Shopping.

Earth Suds

Presenting a unique concept of water-saving products, Earth Suds appeals to eco-conscious consumers. Founded by Marissa Vettoretti, this start-up also specializes in Online Portals, Product Management, and Shopping.


Founded by Alykhan Kara, Shomigo has successfully bridged the gap between social media and e-commerce by consolidating the e-commerce market and fostering social interactions among its user community. Shomigo specializes in E-Commerce, Fashion, Retail, Shopping, and Social Network industries.


Mission, co-founded by Arnaud Van de Voorde and Zahra Rajani, has revolutionized e-commerce with its unique shopping-task marketplace which aids consumers in making the best decisions while shopping. Based in the E-Commerce and Marketplace sectors, Mission appears to also supports Local Shopping.

Canvas Cannabis

A unique start-up in the realm of Cannabis retail, Canvas Cannabis specializes in a wide collection of recreational cannabis products and accessories, and has carved out a niche in the Cannabis, E-Commerce, Recreation, Retail, and Shopping industries.


TopSavings is a mobile app that compares grocery prices across brand & size from local & online stores. Founded by Adam Prentice, this clever concept delivers consumer goods, coupons, mobile apps, price comparisons, and shopping services, aiming to provide utmost savings with the least effort.

Halal Commerce Canada

Founded by Sayarun Nessa, Halal Commerce Canada is a niche e-commerce shopping platform. The start-up operates in the E-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Information Technology, PaaS, Retail Technology, and Shopping Mall sectors.


The brainchild of Gina Yoo, Paul Xue and Stefan Suppa, Mannr is a unique shopping portal for men, where professional stylists shop fashion over messaging. It primarily caters to E-Commerce, Fashion, and Shopping.

Sargasso Sea

Sargasso Sea furnishes business owners with necessary tools to grow their enterprises, while also enhancing the shopping experiences of customers. Founded by Colin Rego, it offers solutions in the Apps, E-Commerce, Internet, and Shopping spheres.

The Best Shop

The Best Shop is a simple yet effective e-commerce company that features an easy-to-use platform for online shoppers. The start-up offers services in E-Commerce, Retail, and Shopping.

Comet Delivery

Specializing in fast deliveries of top brands worldwide, Comet Delivery offers products to customers in under 30 minutes. The start-up operates in E-commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Local Shopping, Logistics, Retail, and Shopping.


Co-founded by Michael Lyons, Mypafway provides an auto part search engine and allied online marketing services for automotive part merchants. This start-up operates in Automotive, E-Commerce, and Shopping industry.

Piggy the Bank

Piggy the Bank, co-founded by Andy Garcia and Ryan Silver, offers goal oriented savings accounts and connects users with real-time offers from retailers. This innovative start-up is part of the Banking, E-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, FinTech, Personal Finance, and Shopping sectors.

In summary, these start-ups form the vibrant tapestry of Ontario’s entrepreneurial landscape; each with a unique approach to shopping and each an impressive contributor to the retail revolution underway in Ontario. They offer a glance into the future of shopping, and with their innovative solutions and creative ideas, we are excited to see what the future holds for these companies. Stay tuned to CanadaVenture.news for all latest happenings from the startup world of Canada.

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