Which Ontario Music Startups Are Reshaping Canada’s Sound Landscape in 2023?

There is no denying that Ontario, Canada is a vibrant hub for entrepreneurial ventures, particularly in the music industry. A diverse range of music startups are making exciting strides with innovative applications of technology, creative platforms and novel business models. These companies encompass a broad spectrum of applications and services, including but not limited to, music streaming, AI integration, event promotion, and digital therapies. Here, we are going to delve into fifteen of the most intriguing music startups currently based in Ontario.

These startups are not only involved in game-changing initiatives but are also driving the music industry forward, both technologically and creatively. They are reshaping how we consume music while enhancing overall user experiences. Furthermore, they represent a shift towards leveraging technology to adapt to evolving consumer demands, timbre, rhythm, and musical genre preference.

Whether it’s machine learning algorithms that generate top-chart music or platforms aimed at supporting independent artists, these startups embody the spirit of innovation and ambition. Without further ado, let’s dive into some of Ontario’s brightest musical ventures.


LUCID was founded by Aaron Labbé, Zachary McMahon, and Zoe Thomson. This startup stands at the intersection of AI, healthcare, and music. LUCID offers digital therapeutics using emotion AI to improve the health and wellness of its users, making it a true game changer in personalized AI-driven wellness services.


WOMBO, founded by Akshat Jagga, Angad Arneja, and Ben Zion Benkhin, is an AI-powered lip sync app that transforms pictures into deepfake copies singing along with a selection of songs. Using advanced AI, WOMBO represents the merger of music, social media, entertainment, and technology.


Afraflix.com is a music, film, and video streaming platform specializing in African content. Founded by Paris Roger, this venture engages audiences through diverse media forms, enhancing the scope of digital entertainment.


Founded by Jerry Deifer, FIX is a comprehensive API platform offering an all-in-one solution for music fans to streamline their listening experience. This venture represents innovation in music tech for enhanced user experiences.


Royaltymine, Jack Yan’s creation, is a music fundraising and investment platform merging financial services with music to enable the growth of budding talents and projects in the music industry.

Ontario Musicians Co-operative

The Ontario Musicians Co-operative is a non-profit and membership-based arts service organization. It serves as a platform to empower independent musicians, underscoring the value of collaborative growth in arts and culture.


Founded by Paul George, SongsLike is a social music discovery platform with features powered by YouTube and Spotify. It emphasizes technology’s role in enabling independent music discovery.


Named as WKND, this startup provides a unique online marketplace for music events. They cater to promoters looking to expand their scene through improved event discovery and access options for attendees.


Riff, created by Harrison Lee, extends plans to musicians and connects them to industry resources on a single platform. The harmonious blend of digital media and music exemplifies it’s strong pursuit of streamlining the connection between artists and essential industry resources.


Split is a royalty tracking solution for both music labels and musicians, demonstrating the vital role of software in managing the financial aspects of music.


Marz, founded by Shawn Janas, is an Internet radio platform that leverages broadcasting tech for a unique listening experience.

Ensiha Digital

Ensiha Digital is a marketing firm providing content strategy, online audio design, photography, and social media management services to the music industry. It exemplifies digital media’s role in promoting and streamlining music-related services.


Established by Greg Nisbet, RadioMogul is a premium provider of custom in-store radio for a variety of establishments, reinforcing the continued relevance of radio as a medium.


OptimiseLab is another AI and music startup that leverages the power of artificial intelligence and musicianship to craft popular music.


SongsLike is a music platform offering features such as social playlists, YouTube comment searching, and keyword song matching. This venture highlights the crucial role of technology integration in music discovery.

These are just a handful of the impressive companies leading the way in music innovation in Ontario, Canada. With their progress, the burgeoning music tech scene there has a bright future indeed. It will be exciting to see where these startups lead next within the dynamic, thriving world of music technology.

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