Who Are Alberta’s Most Influential Web Development Startups Today?

Web development startups have exploded in Alberta, Canada, innovating across various sectors like software, analytics, mobile applications, and e-commerce. These webdev enterprises offer a plethora of unique services, scrambling to meet the demands of an increasingly digital world. These startups are significantly contributing to technology advances, improving the online experience, and shaping the future of web development. Below, we delve into the operations and offerings of fifteen innovative web development startups from Alberta.

The transformation of digital landscapes and seamless connection between businesses and consumers have been the major objectives of these startups. Businesses across sectors are turning to these startups for their expertise in areas like artificial intelligence, e-commerce solutions, SEO, web designing, and advertising. Let’s explore what these companies have to offer.

These Alberta-based startups are altering the way businesses connect to their customers and the broader online presence. From visual interactive tools to state-of-the-art web designs and e-commerce platforms, these startups are providing the catalyst for an accelerated digital transformation. Here are fifteen thriving Web development startups in Alberta, Canada making a significant impact in their respective industries.


Founded by Danny Way, Guillermo Salazar, Luke Krueger, IrisCX is transforming how home product companies visually connect with their customers to assist them in choosing, setting up, and supporting products within their homes.


Operating in multiple domains, Vellgus provides AI-powered solutions, mobile and web development services to startups and businesses.

Guru SEO and Web Design Services

Guru SEO and Web Design Services, spearheaded by Jesse Tutt, offers web design, web development, and SEO services in Alberta and beyond.

Winterwind Inc.

Headed by Anthony Vipond, Winterwind Inc. is a software development agency specializing in website development, mobile app development, and Blockchain development.

YEG Digital

YEG Digital, under the leadership of Paul Letourneau, is a renowned Edmonton Web Design Company.


ShoutCMS is providing a revolutionary platform for website and eCommerce development, thus transforming the online business landscape.

Display Digital Marketing

Founded by Sheldon Semmler, Display Digital Marketing offers integral digital marketing solutions, providing advertising services to improve online visibility.


Solehin Sagor’s TechCare is reshaping the tech industry by offering monthly web design & tech flat-rate services.

Raydius Digital

With the expertise of Riyaz Aga, Raydius Digital is providing website development and social marketing services.


Nerder offers a comprehensive range of services that include strategy, consultation, UX design, analytics, testing, maintenance, website, mobile app & application development.

Roadmap Agency Inc.

Roadmap Agency Inc., founded by Julie Serediuk, Shannon Hewlko, Steve Whittington, Shayne Serediuk, provides growth solutions through result-driven strategies by bringing together developers, designers, marketing specialists, and business strategists.

Vasoo Tech

Vasoo Tech specializes in web development, graphics design, content writing, SEO, mobile app, and custom development services for its clients, ensuring a rounded digital transformation experience.

Site Bay

With Olivier Cahane and T Goodman at helm, Site Bay offers powerful WordPress hosting and security solutions.


Run by Jai Kumar Joon, OPX Ai is a SaaS-based startup that leverages Machine Learning, SCADA, Data Analytics, Big Data, Automation, IIoT, Industry 4.0 to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Hetman devs

Hetman devs is a web studio that provides all the necessary conditions to boost the development of its clients’ website.

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