Which Alberta CleanTech Startups are Influencing Canada’s Sustainable Future?

Interest in clean technology or “cleantech” has seen a steady surge over the last decade, particularly in Canada. The prospect of innovating in ways that benefit the environment and the economy simultaneously has inspired a number of startups. In particular, Alberta, already known for its significant contribution to Canada’s energy sector, is making strides in the cleantech industry. Here we profile 15 promising Alberta-based cleantech startups that are revolutionizing various industries and shaping a more sustainable future.

The versatility of cleantech has led to its applications across various industries – from energy and agriculture to water management and waste management. Cleantech companies are not only contributing to environmental conservation and management, they are also catalyzing economic growth and job creation. These Alberta startups exemplify the potential of cleantech to address the pressing need for sustainable, eco-friendly operations.

These companies are setting prime examples of innovation linking technology with sustainability while fostering economic growth. Their solutions further signify Alberta’s increasing role in the global transition to sustainable and clean technology.

Future Fields

Future Fields uses insect biotechnology to produce the world’s most sustainable recombinant proteins. Working within the realms of Agriculture, AgTech, Biotechnology, CleanTech, and Life Science, the startup was founded by Jalene Anderson-Baron, Lejjy Gafour, and Matthew Anderson-Baron. The company’s innovative approach in sustainable protein production holds potential in addressing food waste and environmental impact of agriculture.


Commercializing energy-transition technologies is the central focus of Entropy. This company cops major influence in the Clean Energy and CleanTech fields, aiming to revolutionize the way society uses and derives energy.


Specializing in the development of technology essential for improving natural resource development, EnviCore provides innovative solutions in sustainable resource use. The startup was co-founded by Aleksandra Govedarica, Milana Trifkovic, and Shahrukh Shamim and operates in multiple sectors including CleanTech, Mining, Natural Resources, Oil and Gas, Sustainability, Waste Management, and Water Purification.

Kathairos Solutions

With a specific commitment to combating global warming, Kathairos Solutions operates in the CleanTech, Environmental Consulting, and Oil and Gas sectors. The Alberta-based startup offers robust eco-friendly solutions, working towards a dual objective of combating climate change and facilitating sustainable practices.


Synauta, founded by Mike Dixon, is a notable Canadian AI water technology company. Tackling issues related to water shortage and purification, the company is a major player in the Artificial Intelligence, CleanTech, Energy, Industrial Automation, and Water sectors.

Sawback Technologies

Providing solutions for identifying underground utilities, fluid leaks, soil layers, and infrastructure health, Sawback Technologies collects, analyzes, and visualizes near-surface data. The startup, founded by Neil Keown, employs technology for environmental and infrastructure solutions in the CleanTech, Construction, Drones, Energy, Geospatial, and Software sectors.

Kanin Energy

Working in CleanTech, Energy, Energy Management, Sustainability, and Waste Management, Kanin Energy develops waste heat to power and other decarbonization projects for heavy industry to reduce their climate footprint. The company was founded by Daniel Fipke, Jake Bainbridge, and Janice Tran and aims to make energy consumption in heavy industries more sustainable and efficient.

More Than Protein

More Than Protein, a company that produces local, plant-based pure protein ingredients was founded by Kanagaraj C Selvraj (RAJ). The company aspires to provide green food options in the CleanTech, Food and Beverage, Food Processing, Organic, Organic Food, and Sustainability sectors.

AI Shading

Developing AI and IoT enabled technologies to reduce the environmental footprint from homes and buildings is the primary focus of AI Shading. This startup has left a significant mark on the Artificial Intelligence, CleanTech, Environmental Engineering, Green Building, Green Consumer Goods, Internet of Things, Real Estate, Smart Building, Smart Cities, and Smart Home industries. Zack Zhang is the founder of the company.

Synergia Biotech

Synergia Biotech, a company creating climate-friendly blue pigment (phycocyanin), operates in the Biotechnology and CleanTech Industries. This company was founded by Agasteswar Vadlamani and Angela Kouris.

Change Toothpaste

As a manufacturer and seller of toothpaste tablets, Change Toothpaste provides an environmentally friendly alternative in oral hygiene. Founded by Damien Vince and Mike Medicoff, the company operates in CleanTech, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, and Retail sectors.

Wet Tech Environmental

Wet Tech Environmental, founded by John “Francis” Williams, provides economical solutions for wastewater treatment, water treatment, and water re-use. The company aims to make water consumption more sustainable and operates in the CleanTech, Waste Management, Water, and Water Purification sectors.


MopSpot offers professional, hassle-free, and reliable cleaning services. By using environmentally friendly products and initiatives, this startup represents the CleanTech sector within the Service Industry.

National Thermovoltaics

National Thermovoltaics develops energy-producing large-scale, solid-state, low-temperature thermovoltaic generation (TVG). This startup, with a goal to revolutionize energy production techniques, operates in the Clean Energy, CleanTech, and Renewable Energy industries.

Farmer’s Legacy Biotech

Working on the genetic modification of seeds to improve various crop characteristics, Farmer’s Legacy Biotech operates in AgTech, CleanTech, Food and Beverage industries, providing sustainable solutions for farming.

All these companies leverage clean technology to make a positive environmental impact while boosting economic growth, making Alberta a significant player in the cleantech industry. Alberta’s potential in the sustainable technology sector seems bright, with startups like these leading the charge.

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