Which Software Startups Are Shaping Victoria BC’s Tech Scene in 2023?

The technological ecosystem of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada holds a vast array of innovative startups. This vibrant Canadian city, renowned for its impressive architectural design and beautiful harbors, has been a host to a significant number of software startups. From developing promising SaaS solutions to creating impressive AI platforms, these startups have demonstrated out-of-the-box thinking, and a dedication to pushing the boundary of what’s possible in the technology startup scene.

This surge of fresh ideas and creativity has put Victoria on the international map as an emerging hotspot for tech startups. While the startups span different key sectors of the economy – from real estate and food services to healthcare and commercial applications – they all share a common thread of being dedicated to solving complex problems through software innovation, and making a significant impact within their respective markets and beyond.

Here’s a look at 15 of these startups – their founders, what they do, and how they are changing the face of technology and software development both within Victoria and around the globe.


Audette, co-founded by Christopher Naismith, stands out in the B2B, commercial real estate, and energy efficiency sectors. Audette offers a business-friendly SaaS for carbon-free planning in corporate real estate, addressing the growing need for sustainable energy solutions in the property market.


Focusing on CRM and E-commerce, Cuboh was co-founded by Juan Orrego and Sinan Sari. The startup is responsible for an application designed to automate online food orders for restaurants, a crucial solution during an era when online food delivery has become increasingly mainstream.


Shift, known for productivity tools and software, co-founded by Tobyn Sowden, adds a modern touch to digital workspaces. Shift combines all apps, accounts, and workflows into one focused and efficient desktop workstation.


Initiated by Aki Tomita and Harsh Rathod, Niricson brings a digital revolution to Infrastructure Condition Assessment and Risk Management. By merging asset management and predictive analytics, the contact provides a solution for modern infrastructure maintenance.


LetHub, led by founder Faizan Ali Khan, utilizes artificial intelligence to offer a platform that rents properties faster than conventional leasing agents. The company is a testament to how AI is reshaping the real estate industry.


Frontly, founded by Patrick Kelly, allows businesses to scale effortlessly with their no-code solution to launch custom apps and internal tools in minutes.


Founded by Jordan Schley, Care2Talk connects generations through innovative technology. By merging health care, mobile tech, and software, the company creates a bridge between healthcare providers and patients.


Hobeen is a platform designed to help citizens reduce household bill costs, playing a significant role in personal finance management.

Ascension Technologies

Ascension Technologies, co-founded by Carlos Andromeda, Grigori Jlavyan, and Joshua VanMeurs, uses AI and machine learning to create human-machine interfaces that save time and money.

HRG Infrastructure Monitoring Inc.

Initiated by founders Harsh Rathod and Rishi Gupta, HRG Infrastructure Monitoring Inc. leverages robotics and computer vision to detect and quantify damage in civil structures.

Team Analytics

Team Analytics, founded by Daniel Diosi, is an employee satisfaction monitoring tool that uses data analytics to increase productivity and work satisfaction.


DropCommerce, a creation by founders Patrick Kelly and Spencer Bonthoux, is a Shopify app that facilitates high-quality US & Canadian Dropshipping.


Buyer is a negotiation-as-a-service platform that saves its clients on big-ticket purchases, such as annual software contracts.

Cat’s Eye

Founded by Ahmad Mahooti, Golzad Fadaei, and Hamid Ghadimi, Cat’s Eye offers an AI-based solution to detect any form of violence (including physical or verbal bullying) in schools.


The final contender on our list is atreides, co-founded by Jeff Spencer and Lee W., a data intelligence company that brings large-scale data to a simple, intuitive CCIRM platform.

These 15 startups from Victoria, British Columbia, signify groundbreaking ideas and creativity that are pushing technology and software innovation to new heights. They are a testament to the resilience, determination, and future-shaping capacity of technology entrepreneurs.

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