Who Are Montreal’s Most Influential AI Startups Shaping 2023?

Montreal, Quebec, a city known for its vibrant start-up ecosystem, hosts a wide range of innovative companies. Among these are a collection of startups uniquely focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI), a field that has experienced tremendous growth and development over the past few years. These companies span multiple industries, proving the extensive applications of AI. This article seeks to introduce and explain fifteen stand-out AI start-ups from Montreal.

AIR (AI Redefined)

AI Redefined, founded by Alfredo Chaves, Dorian Kieken, and Fabrice Condominas, uses AI in conjunction with human talent to construct a brighter future. Their dedicated software aims to enhance the connection between humans and AI, and extends across the various sectors of the Artificial Intelligence, Computer, and Software industries.

Pathway Medical

Healthcare technology innovation is at the forefront of Pathway Medical’s approach. Founded by Christophe Marois, Jonathan Hershon Saint-Jean, and Louis Mullie, their company utilizes AI to encourage clinicians and healthcare organizations to deliver efficient, comprehensive care. Their work is particularly prevalent in the Artificial Intelligence, Health Care, Information Technology, Medical, and Software sectors.


Co-founders Simon Leroux and Steven Jast of Gazelle.ai have developed an application that uses AI and big data to consistently pinpoint companies demonstrating potential for growth, making a mark in the Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and SaaS sectors.


Mely.ai, founded by Edward Ko and Hoang Ngo, is helping to drive the digitalization of the supply chain industry. Their AI solution automates document extraction and data entry, streamlining processes in the Artificial Intelligence, Computer, Information Technology, Logistics, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Software, and Supply Chain Management sectors.


Launched by Carl Dussault, Evovest merges the worlds of finance and technology. This investment company specializes in asset management, machine learning, and AI to enhance portfolio performance.

AFX Medical

With a focus on healthcare, AFX Medical , co-founded by Dante De Nigris, Jeremi Lavoie, and Simon Ducharme, offers precision medicine for brain diseases using AI.

Shaddari Therapeutics

At Shaddari Therapeutics, data and AI combine to create optimal healthcare solutions. Founder Abbass Abbassi’s team is recognized for its AI-based APIs which assist in building decision support tools in the health sector.


Plakk CEO Kashif Khan employs sophisticated AI technology to aid clinicians and researchers in the biotech sector. Assisting in the identification of plaque risks, Plakk provides a comprehensive picture to assess hazard levels.


HAXIO, founded by Alexandre Gervais, strengthens manufacturing companies by developing AI-based vision software that’s easy to deploy. Now acquired by Vooban, they continue to innovate within the artificial intelligence sector.


Blending AI and the music industry, Barkstage, founded by Gilles Morin and Jacques Eastwood, creates concert tours using AI to predict venue performance and ticket sales.


Mixonset, co-founded by Boris But and Zeyu Li, brings AI to the entertainment industry by leveraging professional DJ expertise to automate and enhance music mix production.


Mia, co-founded by Daniel Needleman and Samantha Walker, provides a no-code application that enables fast deployment and demonstration of machine learning models—making advanced AI accessible to everyone.

Stockholm Syndrome.AI

Stockholm Syndrome.AI applies AI to gaming. This game design firm specialises in creating immersive and intelligent gaming experiences with the use of artificial intelligence.

Extergy AI

Seyed Amirhosain Sharif’s Extergy AI delivers energy management and building optimization services. Applying AI to architecture, construction, and maintenance, Extergy AI leads the way for sustainable buildings of the future.

Lerna AI

Co-founded by Georgios Depastas and Georgios Kellaris, Lerna AI offers the first mobile user profiling solution that respects user privacy. This valuable tool helps businesses target their audience without compromising personal data.

These fifteen AI startups are at the forefront of Montreal’s thriving tech ecosystem. Their innovative use of artificial intelligence continues to propel the industry forward, making a significant impact across diverse sectors. Through their groundbreaking work, these companies push the boundaries of what is possible, driving progress and shaping the future of AI.

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