Which BC Electronics Startups are shaping Canada’s Tech Industry in 2023?

In the thriving tech city of British Columbia, a surge of innovative startups have emerged within the electronics sector. From pioneering advanced materials for clean technology applications to developing cutting-edge security systems, these startups leverage trailblazing ideas to revolutionize electronics in today’s world. This overview showcases a diverse array of 15 interesting electronics startups in British Columbia that are making waves with their groundbreaking breakthroughs.

These startups span across various sub-industries while maintaining a central theme around electronics. Their initiatives range from electric vehicles to energy efficiency, renewable energy, information technology and water purification among others. The article provides insights into their unique offerings and the change they aim to bring in their respective fields.

We chose this specific subset of startups because their revolutionary work stand at the intersection of electronics and innovative solutions for common challenges faced by society. Each startup paves the way to a more efficient and technologically advanced world, impacting industries and consumers at large.


A company driving the future of renewable energy, Ionomr develops Aemion™ & Pemion™, next-gen ion-exchange materials for clean-technology applications. Founded by trailblazers Benjamin Britton and Bill Haberlin, the startup finds its roots in advanced materials, battery, chemical and clean energy sectors.


Daanaa, founded by Javad Shariatzadeh and Soroush Dehghani, offers an innovative answer to power transactions. Their unique semiconductor technology facilitates power transactions, wired or wireless, in AC/DC modes.

Origen Air

Blending cleantech with plant-based solutions, Origen Air brings IoT-connected air purification hardware to homes and workplaces. The visionaries behind this venture are Andrew Crawford, Ryan Lider and Susan Blanchet.

Viridis Research

Viridis Research focuses on transforming and correcting systemic socio-economic water problems with their water treatment & recycling solutions. They leverage biotechnology, electronics and environmental consulting to create these cutting-edge solutions.


Emobily, led by its visionary founder Will Fan, brings an electric vehicle marketplace solution platform to the industry. It combines information technology and the service industry to revolutionize how electronic vehicles are marketed. Check them out here.

Tevano Systems

Tevano Systems brings forward an AI-driven electronic device that features a fever detection and thermal scanning solution. The startup operates within the realms of electronics, information services and software.


Founders Daniel Godfrey and Simon Chapman drive CYKEL, an innovative hardware and software startup, aimed at making eBikes safer, securer and smarter.

Leafi Home

Leafi Home, founded by Christopher Pang and William Wang, combines consumer electronics with smart homes, bringing IoT into everyday living.

TechPOS International Corp.

Representing Canada’s first omni-channel user experience for the cannabis retailer, TechPOS International Corp., under Amir Ahani’s visionary leadership, leverages electronics, information technology and software.


A company that offers top-notch radar technology solutions, aiRadar has marked its presence in the electronics, sensor, and software industry.

ZAAP Charge

With a mission to revolutionize the EV charging solutions, ZAAP Charge develops and deploys cutting-edge EV charging solutions.

Teem Fish Monitoring

Recognized as a federally designated fisheries monitoring service provider, Teem Fish Monitoring operates at the crossroads of electronics and web design.

Mountainview Components

A key player in the eCommerce and electronics industry, Mountainview Components is a distributor of integrated circuits, active and passive, connectors, electromechanical, and discrete components.


As a manufacturer and supplier of electro-optic CCTV and HD IP camera systems, Infiniti is a pioneering name in the electronics, manufacturing, and security industry.

Global Smart City Solutions

Global Smart City Solutions provides traffic management software tools, flagging, intersection modification, and system installation services, thus constituting a significant part of the consumer electronics, consumer software, and software industry.

These electronics startups are reshaping the landscape of technology and innovation in British Columbia, playing a pivotal role in Canada’s tech boom. As they continue to explore and revolutionize, the world watches with bated breath for what’s next.

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