Who Are British Columbia’s Most Influential Medical Device Startups in 2023?

British Columbia, a Canadian province renowned for its thriving tech industry, houses an impressive array of startups in the Medical Device sector. These startups blend next-generation technologies like AI and machine learning, biotechnology, genetics, and others in their quest to revolutionize healthcare. From remote patient monitoring to democratizing medical diagnostics—here’s a round-up of some remarkable Medical Device startups from British Columbia.

VoxCell BioInnovation

VoxCell BioInnovation operates in the biopharma, biotechnology, health care, life science, and medical device industries. It is a market leader in tissue engineering, 3D bioprinting, bioink, biotechnology, drug development tools. Founded by Karolina Valente, this forward-thinking startup is pushing boundaries in its field.


As an Artificial Intelligence, Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Machine Learning, and Medical Device startup, Scanbo was established with the objective of generalising access to medical diagnostics. The startup was founded by Ashissh Raichura, and it continues to make strides in its field.

Incisive Genetics

Incisive Genetics is dedicated to developing a game-changing delivery platform for genetic therapies, navigating the fields of biotechnology, genetics, health care, and medical devices. Austin Hill, Blair Leavitt, and Pamela Wagner are the masterminds behind this promising startup.

Screenpro Security

Screenpro Security is a healthcare technology services company that provides innovative COVID-19 testing solutions to governments and corporations.

Recon Health

Recon Health leverages the power of Edge Computing and embedded Artificial Intelligence for effective remote patient monitoring. Founded by Bozena Kaminska, Dr. James Miller, and Karim Arabi, this startup operates in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Medical Device.


Ovry is an E-Commerce, Health Care, Medical Device startup that sells pregnancy and ovulation test strips online.

Vitacore Industries

Vitacore Industries specializes in manufacturing respirators and PPE masks for frontline workers. They operate in the manufacturing and medical device industry.


OneTouch is a medical firm offering a diverse range of products and programs to manage diabetes. It operates in the Diabetes, Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Medical, Medical Device, wholesale industry.

Agilik Technologies

Agilik Technologies is dedicated to designing rehabilitation devices that enable children to stand taller and walk stronger.

Flamingo Mobility Ltd.

Founded by Mahyar Montazeri, Flamingo Mobility Ltd. is a medical device startup that helps with mobility aid.

Innotech Medical Industries Corp.

Innotech Medical Industries Corp. designs, develops, and produces x-ray solutions to enhance patient care.

Ergosentri Concepts Inc. AKA BiKube

Founded by Jean-Pierre Berger, Ergosentri Concepts Inc. develops assistive mobility devices, contributing to the medical device sector.

The BC Bud Co.

The BC Bud Co. is a premium house of brands for medicinal and recreational cannabis markets operating in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry.

QARALOGIC Consulting Inc

QARALOGIC Consulting Inc offers essential services like quality management systems, local regulatory requirements, and strategy consulting. It operates in the Consulting, Medical, Medical Device industry.

Roost Medical

Roost Medical offers an online consultation process where patients interact with doctors and have their prescriptions delivered to their homes.

Innovation continues to thrive in British Columbia, with these startups leading the way. Their work reflects the creativity, dynamism, and the potential for growth in Canada’s Health Tech and Medical Device industry.

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