Which BC Mining Technology Startups Are Transforming Canada’s Industry in 2023?

At the heart of British Columbia, a revolution is brewing in the field of Mining Technology. The province has become a hotbed of innovation underpinned by the rise of tech-savvy startups finding new and innovative ways to approach the ancient industry of mining. Advancements in artificial intelligence, utilization of blockchain technologies and focus on environmental sustainability are just a few key highlights of this burgeoning sector. Creating opportunities for economic growth and sustainable developments, these startups are changing the mining landscape, one rock at a time.

Disrupting the traditional methodologies used in mining exploration and extraction, the startups are harnessing the prowess of technology to enhance business efficiencies, reducing environmental impact, and creating safer work conditions. The audacious ventures of these startups offer a glimpse into the future, signaling a new epoch in Mining Technology. With 15 startups leading the forefront, let’s dive deeper into these ventures making waves in the British Columbia Mining Tech sector.

Forging a nexus between artificial and human intelligence, blockchain transparency or creating more sustainable ways of mineral exploration, these organizations are improving industry efficiency and compliance. They are the reflection of an industry evolving to stay relevant in the modern world. Where some are pioneering in gold exploration and extraction, others are focused on lithium or copper. Here is a highlight of these 15 pioneering startups.

Minerva Intelligence Inc.

Minerva Intelligence Inc., has been making strides in the sector of Artificial Intelligence, being a pioneer in the field of Knowledge Engineering. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence in their products, they have created machine learning products of a remarkable kind. Founded by Clinton Smyth and David Poole, this startup is embarking on a phenomenal journey to revolutionize the Mining Technology scene.

Li-FT Power

Specialising in lithium pegmatite projects, Li-FT Power is opening new avenues in the mining tech scene. This early-stage startup is invigorating the mining industry with its cutting-edge technological approach to mineral exploration in British Columbia.

Nev Gold

Nev Gold is concentrating its efforts on mineral exploration on a district-scale and is operating in strong geopolitical jurisdictions. Showcasing an avant-garde approach to mineral exploration and resource finding, Nev Gold is undoubtedly making its place on the global mining technology stage.

HighGold Mining

With its focus solely on North American gold mining environments, HighGold Mining, led by Darwin Green, is a gold exploration company. They are paving the way for other tech startups in the global mining scene with their innovative approaches and techniques.

Allegiant Gold

Allegiant Gold, led by Peter Gianulis, is a gold exploration and development company. They’re venturing into new spheres in the mining tech industry by applying advanced technologies to traditional mining exploration and development techniques.

Kingfisher Metals

David Loretto and Dustin Perry’s Kingfisher Metals is dedicated to exploring district-scale gold and copper properties. With its laser-like focus and effective utilization of innovative technologies, it’s bound to garner more attention from the mining tech industry.

Gold Mountain

Gold Mountain is unique, focusing on the exploration, development, and production of the Elk Gold project. Their exploration techniques and development theories are paving the way for significant breakthroughs in the mining tech industry.

Sassy Resources

Sassy Resources, led by Mark Scott, is an exploration-stage resource company. Bent on identifying, acquiring, and exploring precious metals, they’ve become noteworthy contributors to the burgeoning mining tech industry.


Maximilian Sali’s Barrian is a newly established junior exploration company. They have a novel approach to acquiring proven gold assets, making their mark in the mining tech space.


Mining2Me, led by Kwan Fung, is a non-profit aiming to transform public perception of mining through animated infographic videos. This unique approach sets them apart in the mining tech industry, carving a niche in education and public engagement.

MineHub Technologies

MineHub Technologies, led by Guy Halford-Thompson, Joseph Nakhla, and Vince Sorace, leverages blockchain technology to create cost-saving applications for the mining and metals industry. They’re connecting advanced technology to streamline the mining tech industry.


Clirio, led by Ron Klopfer, offers mixed-reality visualization of engineering data. They’re transforming the way the mining industry approaches data visualization and analysis.

Sulphide Remediation Inc.

Sulphide Remediation Inc., led by Brent Hilscher, is dealing with the legacy of acid rock drainage from historical coarse rock waste piles, focusing on clean technology and environmental sustainability in the mining industry.

World Copper

World Copper specializes in exploration and development of copper assets. As a mining tech startup, it’s positively impacting the mining tech industry with its forward-thinking approach and strategic planning.

Flow Metals

Flow Metals is a gold exploration company committed to finding exciting and feasible Canadian gold projects. They’re changing the game in the mining tech industry with their innovative approach towards gold exploration.

To conclude, these ventures capture the essence of innovation, determination and resilience within the Mining Technology sector, embodying the spirit of the province they sprang from. As leaders of new sector frontiers, the work of these startups not only holds influence within British Columbia or Canada, but has reverberations across the global tech industry.

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