Which Are British Columbia’s Most Influential Sales Startups in 2023?

Within British Columbia, Canada’s thriving startup ecosystem, an interesting cluster of ventures focuses on leveraging cutting-edge technology to transform and streamline sales operations. These startups range from SaaS providers to e-commerce optimizers, AI innovators, and advanced analytics platforms. This article offers a detailed profile of fifteen British Columbia sales startups. Their varied approaches to enhancing sales performance offer valuable insights into the future trends of this industry.

These startups underscore the province’s commitment to fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial landscape that is well-equipped to address the modern-day complexities of sales operations. These dynamic ventures are leveraging cutting-edge tools such as AI, machine learning, SaaS, and big data analytics to revamp sales strategies. Each of these startups has devised unique and innovative solutions that hold the potential to redefine the way sales operations are managed in the digital age.

By exploring these companies, it becomes clear that British Columbia is a thriving hub for sales-focused startups. These companies, although diverse in their approach, are united by their commitment to driving innovation and providing valuable solutions to their customers. Let’s take a closer look at these promising startups:

Traction Complete

Traction Complete is a Saas provider that builds a suite of Salesforce apps specifically designed for Revenue Operations professionals. Founded by Greg Malpass, the startup operates in the realms of B2B, CRM, Enterprise Software, Lead Management, Productivity Tools, SaaS, Sales, Sales Automation, and Software.


Hengam, founded by Ali Rajool, is a unique solution developed for Shopify. It provides apps that help merchants significantly increase their net profit and gain more revenue. The startup operates within the Apps, E-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Information Technology, SaaS, and Sales Automation industries.

Beam Commerce

Beam Commerce offers a sales optimization software tool that helps Shopify stores with upselling, shop quizzes, and more. This startup operates within the Sales and Sales Automation industries.

Juicey Turf

Juicey Turf is an AI-based door-to-door sales mapping application that is intended to maximize a veteran salesperson’s profits. Founded by William Tsui, the startup operates within the Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Direct Sales, Machine Learning, Mapping Services, Predictive Analytics, SaaS, and Sales Automation industries.


eWebinar, founded by David Dawson and Melissa Kwan, turns any video into an interactive, automated webinar. It operates within the Education, Marketing, Sales, Software, and Training industries.


Quoter is a cloud-based quoting platform that aids IT Services. Founded by Mike Polga and Mike Walsh, it specializes in the areas of Business Intelligence, SaaS, Sales Automation, and Software.


DropCommerce, a Shopify app for high-quality US & Canadian drop shipping, was founded by Patrick Kelly and Spencer Bonthoux. The startup operates within the E-Commerce, Information Technology, Sales Automation, and Software industries.


A marketplace for sales talent, Stable.work connects companies with quality sales freelancers. Clarence de Silva and Jordan Lewis founded the startup, which operates within the Direct Sales, Freelance, Marketplace, Sales, and Sales Automation sectors.


AntEater is an IT company that offers a consumer relationship management software enhanced with AI. The startup operates within the Artificial Intelligence, Collaboration, CRM, Email, Google, Knowledge Management, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, SaaS, and Sales Automation sectors


DealBuilder is a self-directed platform that simplifies business sales. Founded by Morgan Tate, it specializes in Business Development, Internet, and Sales.


Productlift, founded by Jox Toyod, Nick Boariu, and Roy Budiantara, is an applied analytics platform that turns trial and freemium account user behavior data into actionable sales insights. It operates within the Analytics, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Marketing Automation, Predictive Analytics, Product Management, SaaS, and Sales Automation spheres.

Whisqr Customer Engagement

Founded by Roy Tattersall, Scott Hill, and Stephen Akins, Whisqr Customer Engagement is a platform that powers loyalty programs, marketing automation, and more. The startup works within the Loyalty Programs, Marketing Automation, QR Codes, SaaS, Sales Automation, and Small and Medium Businesses industries.


Saabu.io, founded by Sunil Khatri, is an all-in-one marketing automation platform for small businesses. It functions within the Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, and Software sectors.

Portfolio by OpenRoad

Portfolio by OpenRoad is an online portal for car sales and leasing. The startup operates within the Car Sharing, Consulting, Internet of Things, Online Portals, and Sales sectors.

Mossy Digital

Mossy Digital provides sales automation, digital marketing, business development, advertising, and consultancy services. The startup is well established within the Business Development, Digital Marketing, and Sales Automation industries.

In conclusion, the dynamic and versatile British Columbian sales startup scene offers awe-inspiring solutions that are transforming the way sales operations are conducted. By wielding a dynamic blend of innovative technologies, these startups are shaping the future of sales operations in a digital age.

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