Which Quebec Industrial Startups are Shaping Canada’s Future in 2023?

Quebec is famously known as Canada’s largest province and is increasingly becoming a hub for some of the country’s most innovative and game-changing startups. Known for its rich cultural history, Quebec now has a dynamic industrial sector that is embracing cutting-edge technologies and disrupts traditional business models. This article showcases fifteen unique industrial startups based out of Quebec that are redefining the realms of artificial intelligence, manufacturing, construction, and more. Each of these companies is pushing the boundaries within their respective industries and achieving industrial innovation in unparalleled ways.

The province’s vibrant startup ecosystem is as diverse as it is dynamic. From telecommunication testing services to AI-based vision software, the industrial entrepreneurs of Quebec are embracing advancements in technology to drive growth in their sectors. It is an exciting time for industrial startups in Quebec, with many companies developing innovative and ground-breaking solutions that enhance efficiency, productivity, and sustainability.

These startups have rapidly adjusted to the changing market trends and are setting new industry standards with their ingenious solutions. Rooted in technical proficiency and fueled by a culture of innovation, these Quebec-based startups are poised to transform the industrial sector not just within the province, but throughout Canada and worldwide. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of these industrial startups and take a closer look at what each one has to offer.


Axya is redefining the subcontracting process with its easy-to-use marketplace that centralizes and standardizes the procedure. Co-founded by Félix Bélisle-Dockrill and Nicolas Gauthier, Axya operates within the realms of Industrial Automation, Manufacturing, and Marketplace.


Connektica offers telecommunication testing services solutions for RF component measurements in space and terrestrial applications. It was founded by Jean-Mathieu Deschenes and Jeremy Perrin, focusing on Cloud Infrastructure, Industrial Automation, Software, and Telecommunications.


The PowerTree platform streamlines the process of documenting and maintaining electrical distribution systems. It was launched by Colin Gagnon, David L’Heureux, and Mateusz Goral, operating within the sectors of Building Maintenance, Document Management, Electrical Distribution, Industrial, Information Technology, and Manufacturing.

LumIR Lasers

As a manufacturer of lasers, optical fibers, and fiber Bragg gratings, LumIR Lasers is making an impact in the Industrial, Laser, and Manufacturing sectors.


HAXIO, co-founded by Alexandre Gervais, empowers manufacturing companies with easy-to-deploy AI-based vision software. It was recently acquired by Vooban, increasing its reach in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Industrial Automation, Internet of Things, Manufacturing, SaaS, and Software.


With a focus on the printed electronics industry, TRAQC provides quality control solutions. It was co-founded by Benjamin Dringoli, Louis-Philip Beliveau, and Mariia Zhuldybina, and operates within several industries, including Aerospace, Battery, Electronics, Industrial Manufacturing, and many more.

Rugged Monitoring

Rugged Monitoring provides fiber optic based temperature sensing solutions catering to the Industrial, Manufacturing, and Sensor industries.

Videns Analytics

Videns Analytics specializes in developing and deploying value-creating artificial intelligence solutions, with a focus on Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Engineering, and Information Technology.


MTL COOL brings innovation to the retail refrigeration sector by designing and manufacturing self-contained refrigerated displays. It operates within the Consumer Electronics, Electronics, Industrial Manufacturing, Manufacturing, and Wholesale industries.


Specializing in air handling units, Ingenia designs and manufactures products that cater to the Industrial, Manufacturing, and Product Design sectors.


Rokulo, started by Guy Stysis, is a mining and construction operations and automation technology company focusing on the Construction, and Industrial Automation industries.

Gestion Immobilière MSE inc

Gestion Immobilière MSE inc specializes in the design and execution of deep foundations, underpinning and repairs, and installing piles and anchors.

Collaboration Québec, coopérative de solidarité en ingénierie et construction

Collaboration Québec, Coop de Solidarité en Ingénierie et Construction provides professional services in maintenance and engineering for various sectors, including Building Maintenance, Building Material, Construction, Consulting, and Industrial Engineering.


Stratemia offers strategic industrial consultation services and AI-driven industrial automation and advanced analytics solutions, operating within the industries of Artificial Intelligence, Business Development, Consulting, and Industrial Automation.

Dalembert Consulting

Dalembert Consulting provides engineering consultation for weapon systems and ammunition design, simulation, production, and testing, serving the Consulting, Government, Industrial Engineering, and Manufacturing industries.

These innovative startups not only highlight the industrial sector’s growth and determination in Quebec but also represent the astounding entrepreneurial spirit permeating every corner of the province. Each of these startups is a testament to Quebec’s commitment to fostering a culture of innovation, making it a bustling hub for industrial start-ups right now.

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