Which BC Graphic Design Startups are Influencing Canada’s Creative Landscape?


In recent years, the field of Graphic Design has expanded exponentially, giving rise to a wave of innovative startups dedicated to revolutionizing this vital industry. The surge of creative entrepreneurship is particularly evident in British Columbia, notoriously known as a hub of technological innovation and forward-thinking practices. This article aims to showcase 15 distinctive and dynamic Graphic Design startups from the picturesque region of BC, Canada.

These startups, with their unique features, are pushing the boundaries of graphic design by combining design with artificial intelligence, web development, branding, and beyond. They are not only reshaping the graphic design landscape but are also adding new dimensions to industries as diverse as real estate, marketing, and mobile gaming. Let’s journey into the heart of this creative revolution and learn more about these remarkable startups.

From innovative platforms like LOGO.com, that focuses on branding to cutting-edge AI-driven stations like Arestor, each of these remarkable startups is shaping the graphic design industry in unique ways. So, without further ado, let’s explore these startups that are shaping the future of graphic design and beyond.


LOGO.com, established by Richard Lau, is a remarkable platform that combines the best facets of Graphic Design and Branding. Focusing primarily on E-Commerce, Marketing, and Personal Branding, this platform is revolutionizing the way businesses visualize and present themselves to the world.


Arestor Technologies Inc., a leader in AI innovation, powers OpenGPT.com, providing advanced AI tools like the GPT Store, Open Chat, and Open Draw. Their upcoming product, OpenGPTs, leverages unique open-agent technologies, marking a significant evolution in AI modeling.

Propel Guru

Serving as a holistic business solution, Propel Guru offers services ranging from website development and graphic design to content marketing. Their wide range of services underscores their versatility and commitment to providing comprehensive solutions to their clients.

Night Garden Studio

Specializing in the burgeoning field of mobile game development, Night Garden Studio brings graphic design to life in their 2D games and game designing services. They are bringing a unique blend of Digital Entertainment, Graphic Design, and Video Games to the industry.


VanCoders, founded by Amit Dadhwal, is not simply a website designing company. With their extensive services in SEO, Mobile Application Development, and Web Development, they are redefining the role of graphic design in the tech world.

Meo Forest

Established by visionary founder Andy Pham, Meo Forest is a digital marketing company providing a diverse array of services including web development, hosting, graphic design, content creation, and social media management, perfecting the art of online presence.

The Social Circle

The Social Circle offers an extensive range of services encompassing web development, digital strategy, SEO, content creation, branding, graphic design, and digital marketing services.

Tracer Digital

Tracer Digital is a graphic design startup providing comprehensive services from website design to social media marketing, branding, and targeted advertising.

OBA Creative

Launched by Uros Obradovic, OBA Creative is a creative agency that amalgamates branding, graphic design, web development, and SEO services, revolutionizing the industry with their comprehensive approach.

WE3 Solutions

WE3 Solutions is a digital web design company that has transitioned into a comprehensive solution provider, offering services in web and mobile creation along with graphic design.

Spruce Tree Media

Spruce Tree Media offers more than just graphic design with its web design, web hosting, graphic design, photo and videography services.

Disignr Real Estate Marketing

Focused on the real estate market, Disignr, under the leadership of Tea Mihaila, is a branding and marketing studio offering specialized design services.

MLAZZ Creative

MLAZZ Creative blends the world of graphic design with photography and consulting services.

Feifei Digital

Feifei Digital is a one-stop digital agency committed to assisting businesses with website growth, information architecture, and more.

Design Butler

Design Butler offers unlimited graphic designs services for a flat fee, serving as a personal design department for clients of all sizes.


These startups symbolize the diversity, innovativeness, and potential in the graphic design industry. They drive home the fact that graphic design is no longer just an artistic endeavor, but a multi-faceted discipline that combines creative design with various aspects of business, marketing, technology, and even AI. The graphic design startup scene in British Columbia is a testament to the province’s dynamism, vitality and its commitment to supporting cutting-edge innovation.

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