Are These BC Training Startups Revolutionizing Canada’s Education Industry?

Stay with us as we embark on a journey exploring some of British Columbia’s most intriguing training startups. From action-based coaching to simulation platforms, portals, and software, these fantastic startups have made significant strides within their respective industries. Most of all, they’re providing valuable resources, enhancing training capabilities, and driving innovation in different spaces such as education, technology, HR, corporate training, e-commerce, product design, etc. Experience the focused vision and ambition that fuels their commitment to transforming the world for the better.

British Columbia’s thriving tech industry has cultivated a fertile ground for the birth and growth of startups. Businesses are leveraging the rich human capital and leveraging their passion for rewriting the status quo restoring faith in the world of startups to revolutionize how we learn, coach, negotiate and apply technology. Put quite simply, the awe-inspiring creativity and innovation these start-ups exhibit is truly revolutionary.

Now, let’s delve into these 15 impressive BC-based startups:


Impro is an innovative technology platform providing unique action-based coaching at scale. Founded by Josh Blair, Maya Liberman, and Opher Brayer, this startup is disrupting the education and HR sectors by positively impacting training processes.

UME Studio

UME.Studio, brought to life by the creative minds of Daniel Roizman and Jean Mistrot, is an online platform simulating in-person learning for training complex technologies. The platform enables seamless cohort learning and collaboration.

3. Viewpoint AI

Viewpoint AI is a groundbreaking startup providing AI powered decision software. Thanks to the forward-thinking of founders like Charles Newton Price, Dave Hawkins, and Kurt Pichler, the startup combines the best of human and machine intelligence, amplifying human skill levels and enhancing training capabilities.


Converting any video into an interactive, automated webinar is now possible thanks to David Dawson and Melissa Kwan’s startup, eWebinar. They are fostering an environment that makes education, marketing, sales, and training more engaging and efficient.


FLIK is the brainchild of Michelle Kwok and Ravina Anand. The platform connects female leaders and students across the globe via apprenticeships, fostering a community of empowerment and collaborative learning within higher education and training sectors.

EMPOWER International Students

EMPOWER, founded by Pat Chaisang, provides international students with numerous opportunities for career development. The platform helps them start off their careers in Canada through adequate training and skill assessment.


Polyform is a startup that stands at the intersection of edtech, product design, and UX design. With a focus on training, it is advancing educational efforts and services by providing innovative products and research insights.

SDR Nation

Thanks to SDR Nation, Sales Development Representatives can now maximize their careers through coaching, mentorship, and training. Their online portal paves the way to quality professional services all in one place.

Mindful Marketing Co

Mindful Marketing Co addresses the unique marketing needs of small businesses. Specializing in e-commerce marketing and training systems, they provide substantial backing for small businesses to thrive.

The Yardhouse

The Yardhouse is an indoor baseball and softball training center. It emphasizes making athletic training more accessible and efficient by leveraging indoor positioning technology and incorporating innovative techniques for athletes.


SpeedSense offers a unique service for clients in the enterprise ecommerce space. They assist brands in boosting profits through training and SaaS monitoring to run a faster website.


IncrementOne is a proficient consulting and corporate training company. They are dedicated to improving the functionality, service quality, and procedures of businesses in a variety of industries.

Negotiations Collective

Negotiations Collective helps businesses negotiate better deals by providing training, coaching, and consulting. They are revolutionizing the compliance and consulting sectors by incorporating robust strategies to make corporate training more effective.

Global Enlightening Enterprise

Global Enlightening Enterprise Inc. lends a helping hand to companies, organizations, and communities seeking organizational training and coaching. They deliver sustainable solutions and support to bring about overall improvement in company operations and processes.

Smith Assembly

Last but definitely not least, Smith Assembly, founded by Liz Hunt and Ta Corrales, operates in the corporate training space. They assist organizations in harnessing the art and science of human-centered innovation to establish more successful and impactful offerings.

British Columbia’s vast assortment of training startups are paving the way for the future of industries across the board, making training more accessible, efficient, and interactive. These startups are not only contributing to their individual sectors but also inspiring change and fostering growth in the global startup ecosystem. We’re excited to see what these innovative businesses have in store for the future!

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