Which Saskatchewan Software Startups Are Shaping Canada’s Tech Scene?

An exciting wave of innovation is sweeping across the prairies with Saskatchewan, Canada emerging as an unexpected hotspot for software startups. From gaming to logistics, estate planning to website development, these young companies in the heartland of Canada’s tech scene are shaking up industries with their bold visions and state-of-the-art products. Here are some of the most promising software startups that have put Saskatchewan on the global tech map.

Navigating the huge range of types of software startups can be daunting, but our list is here to provide a clear snapshot of the variety and innovation emanating from the region. Each startup is presented with details of their industry, founders and a brief introduction to their unique offerings.

All these startups have proved their mettle by immediately impacting their respective industries in Saskatchewan, and potentially beyond. We’ve done the legwork and searched the prairie province to introduce you these noteworthy software startups worth keeping an eye on.


Providing a comprehensive solution for estate planning and settlement, Cadence fuses legal tech, insurance and software. Co-founded by Krystian Olszanski, Rachel Drew, and Rachelle Perron, Cadence is making a mark in the funerals industry with its innovative solution.

Luxsonic Technologies

At the intersection of healthcare and technology, Luxsonic Technologies transforms the radiology workflow through immersive VR technology. The founder Mike Wesolowski is revolutionizing medical software and devices.


Co-founded by Scott Love, StoreToDoor is a tech-driven logistics startup, specializing in same-day last mile delivery. This software and transportation hybrid solution is changing the game of last mile delivery.

54e Dev Studios

Integral to the rise of the gaming industry is 54e Dev Studios, co-founded by Dustin Coupal and Tim Borgares. The software startup is a key driver for the developing game industry in Saskatchewan.


A legal software solution, Fidu, challenges the traditional hourly business model by offering flat fees and subscriptions. Kimberly Bennett and Blaine Korte are ushering in a new era of professional services and mobile apps.

Sherpa ERP

Small and medium-sized businesses now have a one-stop solution to manage their operations in the SaaS platform developed by Sherpa ERP. The software enterprise is an e-commerce solution co-created by Candice Weingartner, Jason Ratzlaff, and Megan Dyck.

Wave9 Technology

By automating site and facility inspection processes, Wave9 Technology’s software provides an advanced artificial intelligence solution for environmental engineering and information technology. The startup was founded by Ian Cunningham.


When it comes to workforce safety and lone worker protection, SolusGuard is a frontrunner. This safety software solution was brought to life by founder Serese Selanders.

Citrus Technology

Citrus Technology simplifies camp and logistics management via their AI-driven solution. Founded by Andrew Gottselig, the camp software speeds up operations and enhances data management.

eHelply Software

eHelply Software is a software solutions firm delivering a vast range of services from app development to web design. The enterprise is co-founded by Jennifer Herasymuik and Shawn Clake.

Levis Tech

From website creation to data aggregation, Levis Tech offers innovative tech solutions to meet various business needs. The firm specializes in apps, software, and web development.


Automating data collection and marketing, the online form automation platform of OFAS is transforming how businesses conduct their operations. The software startup is revolutionizing online portals and scheduling systems.

Tutors on Demand

Ensuring educational success, Tutors on Demand delivers software for virtual tutoring. The startup is excelling in multiple education sectors thanks to its innovative SaaS platform.


Working to end data breaches, Krate offers a secure cloud computing solution. Founded by Michael Thoreson, the software startup is playing a vital role in improving cloud security.


Toolshed is an online service that simplifies the process of lending and renting tools. This rental and home improvement software platform are making tool access easier than ever before.

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