Who Are Nova Scotia’s Top Influential Manufacturing Startups in 2023?

As the landscape of Canadian startups continues to evolve, a new crop of rising stars is transforming the field of manufacturing. Nova Scotia, in particular, is turning out to be a hotbed of innovation. Home to a wide array of manufacturing companies, this province is a hub for industries, from electronics and aerospace to biotechnology and green technology. Here, we round up some of the most promising manufacturing startups in Nova Scotia, each one forging a path towards a transformative future.

Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, these companies have not only survived but thrived, displaying a level of resiliency and resourcefulness that is truly commendable. Their ingenious solutions are shaping the future of their respective industries, driving economic growth and contributing to a safer, more sustainable world. From reducing waste to promoting renewable energy, these startups are redefining what is possible in manufacturing.

So let’s take a closer look at these 15 innovative startups. Their diverse backgrounds and entrepreneurial spirits embody the resilience and resourcefulness that characterize Canadian startups.

LED Roadway Lighting

Founded by Charles Cartmill, LED Roadway Lighting specializes in the manufacturing of wireless streetlight controllers, micro-sensors, software, and energy LED streetlights. The company operates in the electronics, lighting, and manufacturing industry.

3D BioFibR

Kevin Sullivan’s company, 3D BioFibR, is an advanced bio fiber materials company, operating within the biotechnology, manufacturing, and textiles industries.

Zen Electric Bikes

Zen Electric Bikes focuses on manufacturing E-bikes to foster the growth of electrified transportation.


Under the leadership of Arad Gharagozli, Galaxia is a space system company that manufactures cloud and AI-based computing systems for satellites. Their work spans across the aerospace, information technology, manufacturing, and software sectors.


Edgar Sosa’s startup ZeroIN provides formulations and added-value ingredients to food and beverage manufacturers, helping them reduce sugar in their products.


Founded by Barry Franklin, Barcon operates in the manufacturing industry and has secured strategic manufacturing agreements with two locally owned and operated businesses.

Shifting Shap3s

Focusing on 3D Printing, CleanTech, Machinery Manufacturing, and Recycling, Shifting Shap3s, led by Ghazaleh Afrahi, is developing solutions to decentralize plastic recycling and recovery efforts.


Recircle is a company targeting conversion of plastic waste into raw plastic material that can be utilized in manufacturing everyday items. They operate within the Environmental Consulting, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, and Waste Management industries.

Dartmouth Ocean Technologies

Dartmouth Ocean Technologies delivers sensor platforms for ocean measurement needs, operating within the manufacturing, sensor, and test and measurement sectors.

Greenii Inc.

Despite operating within the manufacturing, product management, and waste management industries, founder Purushothaman Cannane ensures that Greenii Inc. manufactures environmentally friendly paper bags, wine bags, and kitchen bin liners using clean paper waste materials.

Condor Electric

With a focus in the Electric Vehicle, Manufacturing, Professional Services, and Solar industries, Condor Electric specializes in residential and commercial solar systems, including the installation of heat pump and electric thermal storage.

MacDonald Hallett Oceans Protection Engineering Group Inc.

Founded by Andrew MacDonald, MacDonald Hallett Oceans Protection Engineering Group Inc. operates as an oceans protection company that is currently developing emergency towing systems for ships in distress.

Atlantic Equipment

The heavy equipment company, Atlantic Equipment, represents LiuGong in Atlantic Canada, operating within the automotive, industrial, machinery manufacturing, and manufacturing sectors.

Candour Business Equipment

Candour Business Equipment supports the construction industry by offering extensive services like wide format printing services, drawings, and specifications, operating within the business development, manufacturing, office administration, and printing industries.

Reused Plastic

The startup Reused Plastic strives to manufacture all recycled plastic products at the same price point as virgin/new plastic products and operates within the manufacturing and plastics and rubber manufacturing industries.

In conclusion, these startups not only exemplify the spirit of innovation but also display the resilience and adaptability that characterizes the Canadian manufacturing scene. With so much exciting growth and development, it’s clear that Nova Scotia’s startup community will continue to inspire us in the coming years.

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