Which Canadian Building Material Startups are Pioneering the Industry in 2023?

Canada has become a hotbed for startups, particularly those in the field of building materials. Driven by the necessity for sustainable and innovative construction solutions, these Canadian companies are redefining the standards for the industry. They have been developing a range of products, from sustainable and resilient construction systems to advanced building technologies and online estate planning platforms. These disruptive startups are revolutionizing the industry, pushing boundaries, and offering unique strategies to address global housing challenges.

The Canadian startup scene is characterized by its diversity and innovation. New building materials businesses are emerging, driven by a growing market for eco-friendly construction solutions. The startups we will discuss today have demonstrated not only ingenuity and creativity but also a commitment to sustainability and resilience. They come from a range of industries, including construction, e-commerce, Internet, Legal Tech, energy, recycling, real estate, and more.

For our readers, these companies represent the future of building materials. In this piece, we will delve into some of the most exciting building materials startups in Canada – how they started, what they offer, and why they’re worth watching.


Founded by Ben Dombowsky, Michael Dombowsky, and Stephen Sidwell, Nexii is a company that provides a building solution that enables the rapid construction of sustainable and resilient buildings. Operating within the building material, construction, project management, and sustainability industries, Nexii is determined to reduce the negative impact construction has on the world.


Willful is a startup founded by Erin Bury and Kevin Oulds. It is an online estate planning platform that makes it easier to prepare for and deal with death. Willful stakes its place within building material, E-Commerce, Internet, Legal Tech, Real Estate industries.

ZS2 Technologies

With advanced building technologies, including as prefabricated structural panels, ZS2 Technologies is changing the construction landscape. ZS2 Technologies creates and produces its own line of advanced building technologies.

PLAEX Building Systems

Filling a gap in the building industry, PLAEX Building Systems, founded by Dustin Bowers, provides effective solutions to the enormous amount of waste in the building industry. They operate within advanced materials, building material, and recycling industries.


Established by James Dean and Matthew Doherty, Oxygen8 exists to improve the health, comfort, and energy efficiency of buildings. Oxygen8 belongs to the building material, CleanTech, and energy industry.


Using High-Density Gypsum, AMATEC aims to construct more eco-friendly, cheaper, faster built, and stronger houses. AMATEC operates in the advanced materials, building material, CleanTech, construction, and manufacturing sectors.


Founded by Benjamin Blumer, ShapeMeasure offers tools that reduce labor cost by 80% in the $22B flooring installation market. This unique approach places them within the building material and real estate industries.


WareHoos, masterminded by Ross Power, is your online building supply yard. It operates in the building material, construction, e-commerce, and last-mile transportation sectors.

Skyler Structures

As a manufacturing company, Skyler Structures offers fabric structures and container-mounted structures. They have found their niche in the building material, manufacturing, and wholesale industries.


The industry-innovative CMCI offers composite matting, grass protection, and event solutions. They operate within the building material, construction, and facilities support services sectors.

Great Plains MDF

Founded by Jamie Carroll, Great Plains MDF is a company that produces wheat straw MDF. They’re in the building material, manufacturing, and wholesale industries.

Collaboration Québec, Coop de Solidarité en Ingénierie et Construction

Providing professional services in maintenance and engineering, Collaboration Québec, Coop de Solidarité en Ingénierie et Construction is making strides in building maintenance, building material, construction, consulting, and industrial engineering sectors.


Thermoplast is contributing to improved design and construction techniques with its manufacture of doors, window frames, and extrusions. It operates in the building material, manufacturing, and product design industry.


RockChain is a digital platform for buying and selling sand, gravel, and other bulk construction materials. They are shaking up the building material, logistics, and supply chain management sectors.

FC Géosynthétiques inc

With its main focus on geosynthetic installation, FC Géosynthétiques inc provides civil engineering solutions. It is significantly impacting the building material, civil engineering, commercial, and construction industries.

The building materials startups in Canada are addressing not only local needs but also global challenges. From sustainable development to waste reduction and improved efficiency, these firms are significantly transforming the traditional industry norms and setting new standards for the future of construction and building materials.

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