Who Are Canada’s Most Influential Film Industry Startups in 2023?

In this digital age, breakout startups are leveraging the power of technology to revolutionize the film industry. Today, we delve into the vibrant realm of Canadian film startups. Ranging from virtual reality to VFX studios, these innovative businesses are disrupting traditional concepts and harnessing cinematic XR, digital platforms and more to enhance our entertainment experience.

Canada, known for its thriving film industry, is a hub for pioneering startups that are changing the landscape of film production. These startups are developing unique technologies that are enabling them to tell stories dynamically and engage audiences in groundbreaking ways. From unique streaming platforms to immersive content creation, the future of the film is playing out in today’s startups.

Shining a spotlight on these revolutionizing startups allows us to appreciate and comprehend the transformations happening in the film industry. Here, we feature fifteen exceptional Canadian startups in the film industry that are currently making waves.

Monsters Aliens Robots Zombies

Founded by Jonathan Bronfman and Lon Molnar, Monsters Aliens Robots Zombies (MARZ) is a tech company and VFX studio focusing exclusively on premium TV. With industry expertise across animation, art, artificial intelligence, film, film production, machine learning, media and entertainment, and TV production, they have contributed to globally-renowned series such as HBO’s Watchmen and Marvel’s WandaVision.


Paris Roger’s brainchild, Afraflix.com, is a unique African streaming site. Working at the intersection of education, film, film production, music, music streaming, and video streaming industries, Afraflix.com strives to bring African content to the forefront of the global stage.

Britcan Media Limited

Founded by John Curtis, Rob Straight, and Susannah Darcy, Britcan Media Limited is a film and television production company that explores the dynamic potential of the film production and media and entertainment industries.


Diffuse offers comprehensive content production and distribution services. With competencies in audio, film distribution, film production, and professional services, Diffuse provides turnkey solutions for creators and distributors alike.


With founders Greg Toner and Zamir Khan at the helm, Memento is a digital platform that allows users to create group videos for appreciation and various occasions. They offer special expertise in the fields of film production, video, and video editing.

Sentient Immersive

Focused on wellness technology, Sentient Immersive is a startup founded by Isabelle Rioux. They’re dedicated to enhancing the well-being of humankind through the power of cinematic XR, drawing from areas like film production, mHealth, video games, virtual reality, and wellness.


CoPilot is a creative agency that specializes in filmmaking, virtual production, and visual storytelling. Merging creativity and technology, they provide high-quality services in the realms of creative agency, film production, and video.

Kre.is Immersive Spaces

Scaling solutions for XR content distributors and creators in the entertainment sector, Kre.is Immersive Spaces is at the cutting edge of film distribution, media and entertainment, and virtual reality.


Founded by Andrew Johnson, Dreww is more than just a full-service advertising agency. They also have a dedicated production studio, providing specialized solutions in advertising and film production.

My Land Productions

My Land Productions is focused on developing multimedia training projects for operational purposes, targeting the oil and industrial market. Their services extend across broadcasting, film production, and media and entertainment industries.

Videoster Inc.

An online marketplace for freelance services specializing in the videography industry, Videoster Inc. provides a platform for creative professionals to showcase their talents. Their scope extends across film production, freelance, marketplace, TV production, and video industries.

Blackout Media

Founded by Karl Janisse, Blackout Media functions as a story development foundry and new media production house. Bridging the worlds of film production, media and entertainment, and virtual reality, they’re pushing boundaries and crafting compelling narratives.

DoubleDot Studios

Bringing imagination to life, DoubleDot Studios creates stunning visuals in the burgeoning fields of animation, film distribution, gaming, and online games. Founded by Mohammad Banaiee, their works are a testament to the power of imagination when paired with innovation.

IAVA Productions

Specializing in the creation of commercials and marketing videos in Toronto, IAVA Productions uses their proficiency in advertising, content creation, film production, and video editing to deliver optimal results for their clients.


Lens is a peer-to-peer camera sharing platform. Borrow and lend industry-standard equipment at your leisure. Founded by , Lens brings users closer to their visions by facilitating access to the right tools, showcasing the expanding possibilities of the film, film production, and photography industries.

With the ingenuity of these Canadian startups, the country’s film industry is experiencing a significant upsurge in innovation and creativity. While diversifying the field of content creation, these startups are also opening newer avenues for film production and distribution, hinting at an exhilarating future for the world of film.

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