Which are Canada’s Most Influential Interior Design Startups Today?

The Canadian startup landscape showcases many innovative businesses constantly redefining and reinventing spaces that cater to various industries. The interior design industry, in particular, has gained traction over the years, resulting in groundbreaking startups that are reshaping the way we think about aesthetics and space utilization. These startups range from construction companies utilizing technology, online platforms, real estate and housing businesses, to suppliers and retailers. In this article, we spotlight 15 remarkable Canadian interior design startups that are making waves in the industry.

Whether you’re a potential investor, a design enthusiast, or simply curious about the future of interior design, keep reading to learn more about these dynamic startups. Each one is unique and brings something different to the industry, underlining the vibrant and responsive nature of Canada’s startup community.

These startups show that interior design is about more than just making a space visually appealing. In the world of startups, interior design incorporates technology, environmental consciousness, innovative business models, and formidable business acumen to change the way we perceive the spaces we live in and how we use them.


Falkbuilt is a construction company that digitizes interior construction with next-generation technology. This startup was founded by Mogens Smed, recognised for his innovative approach in the fields of Construction, Interior Design, Real Estate, and Software.

spaice Inc.

Founded by Logan He, spaice Inc. is an one stop shop for contractors that works to improve their interior design capabilities and increase their material management efficiencies. It adds value in the areas of Information Technology, Interior Design, and Software.

Clavis Studio

Clavis Studio is a 3D online platform for interior designing and creating a virtual model of home decorations. This startup has made a mark in the areas of 3D Technology, Home Decor, Interior Design, and Real Estate.

Cantiro Group

Cantiro Group is a real estate company that delivers amazing homes, communities, and commercial properties. Its standout sectors include Commercial Real Estate, Construction, Interior Design, Real Estate Investment, and Residential.


Livabl is a real estate company that provides a variety of services including interior design, digital content, investment, marketing, and home-buying.


Shatez, founded by M Alim, is a supplier of custom-made building products for interior design and construction.

Mosaics Lab

Mosaics Lab handcrafts top-quality, unique, and customizable mosaic tiles and artworks for any surface and space. It has brought inovation to the E-Commerce, Home Decor, and Interior Design markets.

Northdog Wood Co

Northdog Wood Co is a furniture design company that specializes in designing and manufacturing retail, desks, counters, tables, chairs, commercial, and home furniture.

Cambium Butcher Block

Founded by David Whan, Cambium Butcher Block is a manufacturer of solid wood and butcher block counter tops as well as extreme custom kitchen and culinary furniture.

The Nook Realty

The Nook Realty is a real estate company that offers brokerage, home staging, and interior design services.

De Simone Designs

De Simone Designs is an architecture and design planning company that provides interior design, graphic design, and drafting services.


Founded by Brandon Christian, NovoNook sells customizable kits filled with every item you need to make your balcony enjoyable.

Ardra Drafting

Ardra Drafting provides drafting services to architects, interior designers, and general contractors, contributing to the Architecture, Interior Design, and Real Estate markets.


Founded by Yuriy Sklyar, Oaklu is a construction company that designs and develops well-designed, high-quality residential, commercial, and public structures.

Setting the Stage

Setting the stage is a professional service provider for home stage designers and interior decorators, offering innovative solutions in the Home Decor, Home Improvement, and Interior Design markets.

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