Which Canadian Outsourcing Startups are Shaping the Industry in 2023?

Canada has become a hotbed of innovation, giving rise to a diverse array of startups across all sectors. Notably, the outsourcing industry has seen significant growth with companies offering various solutions for businesses looking to optimize their operations. Whether it’s providing fractional CMO services, IT consulting or contact center support, these start-ups are revolutionizing the way businesses outsource their processes. Here, we spotlight fifteen notable Canadian outsourcing startups that exemplify this trend.

These businesses have identified gaps in conventional outsourcing strategies where innovation can truly add value. Their solutions not only enable businesses to reduce costs but also increase efficiency, ultimately leading to improved outcomes. Venture into the world of these enterprising startups and discover how their innovative approaches to outsourcing are contributing to Canada’s vibrant and diverse startup ecosystem.

With a variety of tailored solutions, these start-ups offer a broad scope of services that meet the different needs of businesses today, where traditional in-house solutions are not the only—or even the best—choice. Without further ado, let’s dive right into the details of these exceptional startups.


Drivee is a vibrant freelance marketplace built specifically for the automotive industry, facilitating introductions between automotive professionals and customers in need of their services. Founded by Denny Brian, this startup is rewriting the rules of the automotive sector with a solution designed for collaborative consumption, marketplace outsourcing, and task management.

7x Powered

Specializing in contact center support, 7x Powered is an outsourcing platform that offers a range of business support services. Their stake in the call center, outsourcing, and professional services industries showcases their commitment towards providing a holistic service experience.


Founded by Ankush Bhardwaj, Bolana is a mobile platform designed to connect users with top-tier professionals while verifying their reliability. Their innovative platform is changing the face of freelance, outsourcing, software, and task management industries.

Able & Howe

Able & Howe, founded by Andreas Schleich, is a marketing company that offers fractional CMO, MDS, and team outsourcing services along with marketing execution. Their stronghold in the advertising, marketing, consulting, and outsourcing industries is evident in their accomplishments.

Agents Republic

Next generation contact center outsourcing made possible by Agents Republic. Founded by Adam Antal and David L. Papp, this startup has carved out a place for itself in the customer service and outsourcing market with a global workforce.


As a remote staffing company, Remoffer – founded by Carlos Rueda – offers cost-effective and scalable offshore staffing solutions throughout Latin America. Their pioneering approach to outsourcing gives them an edge in the staffing agency and virtual assistant sectors.

Aliph Tech

Under the stewardship of founders Najam Us Saqib and Umer Nawab, Aliph Tech delivers innovative and affordable technology and outsourcing solutions for businesses across various industries.

InnScience Labs Inc.

InnScience Labs Inc., an enterprise of Guru Pie, Leon Parsaud, and Stany Castillo, is a research and development collaboration platform that serves the agriculture, consulting, life science, mining, and outsourcing sectors. Their platform is geared towards enabling innovation through collaboration.

B2B Cyber Secure

B2B Cyber ​​Secure helps small and medium-sized enterprises bolster their organization and IT architecture against cyberthreats. They operate in the outsourcing, cyber security, and information services sectors.

Nexoa CPA

Nexoa CPA provides a comprehensive range of services including accounting, bookkeeping, mitigation, tax structuring, tax planning, tax preparation, and outsourced CFO services.


noodesk is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service provider, navigating their way into the outsourcing, professional services, and service industry sectors.


Colligeres is a firm specializing in information technology. Their vast array of services positions them in the consulting, information technology, and outsourcing industries.


With a focus on virtual assistant provision, Despacho excels in the outsourcing sector. They specialize in searching, hiring and training these virtual assistants, thus allowing businesses to have skilled help on demand.

SolvedAF Consulting

SolvedAF Consulting is a trusted expert in IT consulting services, growth advisories and more. Their proficiency in IT project management, consulting, outsourcing, professional services, and risk management makes them a competitive player in these industries.


Cometero is dedicated to helping startups focus on their growth. Through their technology platform and a network of expert providers, they advise startups on avenues of development, making them a notable entrant in the consulting, financial services, outsourcing, and software industries.

These startups, with their unique solutions and commitment to reshaping outsourcing, are testimony to Canada’s thriving entrepreneurial scene. Their innovative approaches are set to influence the future of outsourcing, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store.

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