Which Canadian Pet Startups are Revolutionizing the Industry in 2023?

The pet industry in Canada is thriving, primarily due to the increasing number of pet owners and their willingness to spend lavishly on their furry companions. With a growing need for quality pet care, innovative pet products, and effective health care solutions, a new breed of startups in Canada are making impressive strides in the industry. This article showcases 15 unique Canadian Pet startups – their stories, their offerings, and how they’re contributing to this ever-evolving sector.

From specialized pet nutrition products to vertical pee pads, from AI-enabled diagnostics to fresh pet food subscriptions, these startups are pushing boundaries, intersecting technology with pet care, and revolutionizing how we perceive pet wellness & maintenance.

Here’s what these innovative ventures are all about. Enjoy the ‘pawsome’ ride!


healthybud has a straightforward yet critical mission: helping pets thrive through powerful healing foods. Co-founded by Adrien Malka, Dana Ben David, and Kyle Feigenbaum, healthybud is a blend of Health Care, Pet, and Wellness industries. They strive to provide nutrition-rich, health-boosting foods for pets, offering them the nourishment they require to live a long, healthy life.


Vetsie offers novel technology designed to transform and inspire the world of pet care. Founders Alex Chieng and Steve Boyer brought together their passion for pets and their proficiency in technology to create Vetise, a fusion of healthcare, pet care, software, and veterinary sciences.

Dog Child

Dog Child, founded by Nicole Marchand, is a pet nutrition community that provides products for creating home-cooked meals for dogs. They’re turning pet nutrition on its head, advocating the benefits of fresh, homemade meals for our canine companions.

Blend Labs RX

Co-founded by Michael Altman, Blend Labs Rx is a pharmacy for pets, providing a vast assortment of medications with unique formulations. By integrating pet care, pharmaceuticals, supply chain management, and veterinary practices, Blend Labs RX optimizes medicinal practices in pet care.


sylvester.ai, envisioned and founded by Susan Groeneveld, leverages artificial intelligence for pet health and tech. This startup uses AI to monitor pets’ wellbeing, helping pet parents detect any underlying health conditions in their early stages.


Acutely, founded by Sunny Shao, is simplifying veterinary care for both pet parents and vet teams by automating triage and intake. It’s an amalgamation of health care, information technology, pet care, and veterinary services, aiming to streamline the pet healthcare sector.

Doggy Bathroom

Doggy Bathroom is a pet product company founded by Alain Courchesne that manufactures vertical pee pads and provides indoor potty solutions for small breed dogs. A unique solution making life easier for both dogs and their parents.


Founder Kerri Lynn McAllister’s startup, Pawzy, connects pet parents to vet-approved healthcare advice and services. It integrates health care, online portals, pet care, and veterinary services to bring reliable, quality health solutions for pets.

Cola’s Kitchen

Cola’s Kitchen is reinventing the pet food industry by providing a fresh pet food subscription service. They aim at delivering personalized, fresh, and nutritious meals straight to your pet’s food bowl, ensuring quality and freshness in every bite.


Geobark is a marketplace designed to build mutually beneficial relationships between pet-deprived individuals and busy dog and cat owners. Apart from being a community for pet-lovers, they are bridging the gap between the need for pet companionship and the need for reliable pet care.

Sniffy Pet

Sniffy Pet, founded by Ken Wu, uses AI technology to assist with health requests, product retailing, live telemedicine with vets, and maintaining records. Through AI and technology integration, they’re changing the pet care landscape.

Henry and Harvey

Henry and Harvey, an endeavor by Viki Bartosiewicz, is a pet specialty sales representative firm. This startup caters to the need for personalized and unique pet products, providing unforgettable retail experiences for pet parents.


Howlurr’s mission is simple: convert a dog’s walk into measurable health metrics. They aim to reinvent dog walks as an essential health and wellness activity, providing real-time insights into the pet’s health and wellbeing.


Conceived by Hariharan Jayaraman, Haachy provides an intelligent solution to find lost pets faster. With AI technology, this startup offers a smart way to bring your wandering pets home swiftly and securely.


Lastly, MyPetraits specializes in creating pet art, pet portraits, and pet paintings. Capturing the essence of pets in beautiful artworks, this startup combines creativity with a love for pets, providing pet owners with lasting, artistic memories of their companions.

Venturing into pet care innovations, these 15 Canadian startups are not just responding to the needs of pet owners today but are also shaping the future of pet care with their creative solutions. Rest assured, in the pet care sector, the future looks promising and ‘pawsitively’ groundbreaking.

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