Who Are Canada’s Most Influential Professional Networking Startups in 2023?

In the rapidly-changing world of today, networking has evolved into an essential tool for professionals seeking to broaden their horizons, discover new opportunities, and learn from others. Thanks to an innovative Canadian startup sector, professionals now have multiple platforms to help them build meaningful connections in their respective fields. Below we will explore some of these startups across industries, providing a glimpse into the resourceful landscape of Canadian professional networking platforms.

These pioneering entities are employing cutting-edge technology to make networking straightforward and productive, pushing the boundaries of conventional networking approaches. From e-learning platforms to personal and professional development tools, these startups are tailoring interactive environments that favour growth, collaboration and connectivity. Let’s delve into the exciting world of professional networking and discover some of the remarkable startups transforming this space.

Whether you are an individual seeking to thrive in your career, a business looking for a growth platform, or an investor on the hunt for the next big thing, here are 15 intriguing professional networking startups based in Canada that deserve your attention:


Uvaro is not just another networking platform; it’s a career success platform designed to guide professionals to a rewarding career path. Founded by Derek Hall, Donna Litt, and Joseph Fung, Uvaro provides its users with the skills, coaching, and job opportunities they need to succeed. From e-learning and higher education to recruitment and sales training, this platform is reinventing the way professionals navigate their career paths.


Designed by Reza Varzidehkar, OVOU is a contemporary networking tool that drives meaningful connections. Operating in the Information Technology, Professional Networking, and Software industry, this innovative startup is changing the way modern professionals form and foster relationships.

Rally Video

Transitioning networking into a dynamic video platform, Rally Video provides hosting, networking, and virtual events for social groups. Founders Ali Jiwani, Amy Liu, and Anson Kao combine the power of video with the value of networking, offering a unique platform for interaction and connection.


Placemade is Canada’s premier fitness coworking space for health and fitness professionals. Founded by Celia Lopez, this startup marries health, fitness, and networking by fostering an environment conducive to professional growth and mentoring within the wellness industry.

Tribe Network

Founded by Alfred Burgesson, Tribe Network is a dedicated online hub for Black Indigenous and People of Colour pursuing entrepreneurship and innovation. Tribe Network offers a welcoming platform to promote collaboration and knowledge-sharing among BIPOC professionals.


Co-founders Jayson Hurstinen and Tilyna Pawer designed SFU LYFE as a balanced platform that supports both personal and professional development. Offering resources for individuals to grow, connect, and enjoy life, this startup is reshaping the approach to holistic development.


StartupFuel, founded by Ashley Martis, is a conglomerate of services for startup founders and venture capital funds. From AI and big data, cybersecurity to professional networking, this startup accelerates business growth and innovation.

Refer HR

Refer HR is an online referral networking platform built by Billy So, that connects candidates with job opportunities. It leverages the power of networking to facilitate recruitment, thereby revolutionizing the job market.

Wabisabi Learning

Wabisabi Learning, developed by Lee Watanabe-Crockett, focuses on portfolio-based assessment and connects learners to classrooms globally. Operating in the educational networking field, this platform fosters the connection of educators and learners worldwide.


XapCard, founded by Ghazanfar A and Jahan Ali, is a professional networking app that connects like-minded individuals at events and conferences. By harnessing technology and networking it breaks boundaries and fosters meaningful connections.


Created by Marco Andrade, Branchfy offers a SaaS-based business networking and contact management platform, simplifying and strengthening business connections.

Hubswirl Inc.

Hubswirl Inc., founded by Robert Dufeu, is a social media platform that allows individuals to communicate, connect, and exchange information. It brings together blogging, commerce, and professional networking in one dynamic platform.


LyncMe, by Yusuf Saad, is an auto-updating link card system that organizes and shares your contact information. This novel approach enables professionals to maintain up-to-date networking habits.


Developed by Pallavi Panigrahi, WeCause is an on-demand platform connecting change-makers to causes in need. It’s a unique way of bringing together those who can help and those in need, fostering a collaborative approach to social impact.

Resilient Machine Learning Institute

The Resilient Machine Learning Institute is a research and communication center offering services in artificial intelligence. This transformational institution encourages advanced learning and collaboration in the field of AI.

From AI learning centres to networking apps, these Canadian startups are revolutionizing professional networking. By utilizing these platforms, professionals and businesses can broadened their scopes, foster collaborative environments, and drive innovations, encapsulating the essence of the Canadian entrepreneurial spirit.

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