Which BC Professional Services Startups are Transforming the Industry in 2023?

The British Columbia startup scene is bustling with boundless inventiveness, disruptive new ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit that resonates throughout the diverse industries. The professional services sector, in particular, is brimming with innovative startups that are pushing the conventional boundaries of their specific fields. Ranging from finance to education to IT consulting, these startups are driving radical change with their uniquely inventive solutions and services.

The region’s business-friendly environment, combined with a supportive community, create a fertile ground for startups to sprout and thrive. This has, in turn, positioned British Columbia as one of the leading startup ecosystems in Canada. This article explores 15 remarkable professional services startups from British Columbia that are shaping the future of the business landscape.

While these companies span a wide spectrum of sub-segments within the professional services industry, they are united by their innovative approach and driven by a common goal: to transform traditional practices in their field, using everything from the latest in technology, new business models, unique value propositions, and robust solutions. Here are some of the most noteworthy professional services startups that are taking British Columbia by storm.

iComply Investor Services Inc.

iComply Investor Services Inc is an award-winning software company that tailors its services to alleviate regulatory hurdles in the financial markets. Through their practical and innovative solutions, they’ve been able to find a foothold in diverse sectors such as blockchain, fintech, legal and professional services, among others. The startup was founded by Matt Masiar, Matthew Unger, and Qayyum Rajan.

Pick My Brain

Pick My Brain is a pioneering global knowledge marketplace. It provides a platform where people can easily buy, sell and gift knowledge. By providing services in the e-learning and professional services sectors, this startup is determined to make one-on-one knowledge exchange an effortless affair.

Concrete MRI

Concrete MRI sets the standard for concrete quality assessment and monitoring services for civil engineering projects. The startup was co-founded by Hoang Nhan Nguyen, and offers much-needed services in the construction, professional services, and real estate sectors.


SFU LYFE offers a personal and professional development platform loaded with resources that help individuals grow, connect, and balance their interests in a fulfilling manner. Founded by Jayson Hurstinen and Tilyna Pawer, this startup operates in business development, lifestyle, and personal finance, among several other professional services sectors.

SDR Nation

SDR Nation is an online portal that fast-tracks the career growth of SDRs via coaching, mentorship and training.


RentPERKS is a property management company that uses technology to reduce vacancy rates and lower risk. Co-founded by Jason Duncan, Maxim Atanassov and Zdravko Loborec, this startup provides innovative solutions in real estate and professional services sectors.


CodeCast, a startup by Tam Kbeili, is an interactive platform designed to teach coding and improve existing skills.

Wabisabi Learning

Wabisabi Learning, founded by Lee Watanabe-Crockett, is a unique learning platform that uses portfolio-based assessment and connects learners to classrooms worldwide.

Sixzero Design

Sixzero Design is a UX/UI design studio that leverages the power of user research and data to design impactful software.

Audiencemob Technologies

Audiencemob Technologies specializes in branding, user acquisition, retargeting, machine learning, and viral marketing services.

Tribes & Co

Tribes & Co, co-founded by Henrik Lohk and Ingemar Johnsson, helps digital transformation agencies scale exponentially.

Webocity Technologies

Webocity Technologies creatively infuses its passion for website design and website development with the craft of marketing.

Travelers Capital

Travelers Capital provides essential capital services to public and private mid-market enterprises for financial solutions.


IncrementOne is a consulting and corporate training company that provides bespoke solutions to enhance a business’s professional efficiency.

SolvedAF Consulting

SolvedAF Consulting offers IT consulting services and growth advisories, including digital transformation, IT project management, and outsourcing.

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